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Well im halfway there...i think, any suggestions?
  • chara003chara003
    Posts: 1
    hey guys

    ive had my mgx for a while now, after my first attempt i got so frustrated i chucked it in the bin but decided to give it another go the next day, and again nothing. i hadnt used it for about 2 months until today when i had some free time and was extremely horney LOL. this time i had more patience, did the brething exercises and after about 45 minutes i think i finally cracked it. i finally found my g spot and concentrated on that point, feeling it as it went in and out. to my amazement after about 10 minutes of concentrating on that point i got pins and needles al over and my ass started to quiver for about 15 seconds(im assuming these are the waves people talk about). the feeling passed and after about 10 minutes another wave hit and again 10 minutes after that the same thing happened. after another 10 minutes i was so freakin horny i finished off by hand..DOH dumb idea...remind me to tie my hands behind my back next time.

    i seem to be able to bring it to this point quite easily now but cant seem to orgasm after that. has anyone got any suggestions on how to get an orgasm after one of these waves, should you try and fight it and still move the aneros in and out or relax and let the vibrations work themselves? how many waves does it usually take to get an orgasm. im pretty sure i can get it to my first wave easier next time now ive worked out how to do it.
  • charliecharlie
    Posts: 124
    Hello chara003,
    I think you are well on your way to a Super-O. Be patient and don't try to force anything. Savor each new sensation and you will eventually be rewarded. Good luck,