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Progress so far...
  • flxflx
    Posts: 10
    Well I've tried 6 sessions with the Aneros so far and haven't had a whole lot of luck. I picked up a Helix at the beginning of June and tried it immediatly. I was fairly encouraged when I got 2 or 3 involuntary contractions shortly after insertion, but so far that's it. I do tend to dribble a decent amount of seminal fluid during a session though.

    I'm not getting very much contact from the tab unless I'm probably at a 50% contraction - I'm not sure if that is normal or not. I also don't really get much sensation during a contraction - I don't really feel it making contact with my prostate... at least I don't think I'm feeling it.

    Most of my sessions tend to be late at night. I'm using the ID Glide lubricant sold here. I've tried using as little as 1.5cc and as much as 4-5cc. I've also tried a thin coating of vaseline on the Aneros as well. I don't really live near a large city, so lubricant availability is limited.

    I've tried lying on my back, tried kneeling, and tried lying on both sides.

    I really haven't had too much luck.

    Any suggestions?
  • nood1963nood1963
    Posts: 113
    Hey flx,

    Sounds like you may be trying to hard. Be more relaxed and go with the flow. Sounds like you are having some results, but go with the flow and be slow and patient. Some guys just need more time and practice before they get the super o. Keep trying different positions, and really practice deep breathing. I have awesome results when I bare down and do contractions. You will succeed and be most happy! Nood
  • flxflx
    Posts: 10
    Well, after another session, I think I might have made a little bit of progress.

    I decided to give myself a small enema prior to this session, and I think it may have helped a little bit.

    While doing some of the breathing exercises and relaxing, I was able to feel my pulse around the aneros very clearly. I continued my breathing exercises in an effort to become as relaxed I possibly could. After a while I began to add contractions to my breathing, and I think I started to lose track of my pulse at the time.

    After a while I decided to try to bear down on it pretty good to see if that generated any sensation, and it did. It almost felt as if the Aneros was vibrating inside me. It felt good, but not amazing or anything. I held that contraction as long as I could and it felt better and better, but with such a strong contraction, my muscles became exhausted and I had to let it go. After getting my strength back, I tried the same thing again. This time, the same thing happened, but after a while my entire body tensed and sort of shook a little bit, but again I had to let the contraction go. Again, that felt good, but it wasn't the extreme feelings of pleasure people describe.

    Based on how strong of a contraction I need with the helix, could it be that I need a larger model?

    Also, as for position... the two that seem to be the most promising are lying on my back, and on my left side. My only question is, while lying on your back, does it matter too much if your legs are spread or your knees together?

    Anyway, any suggestions, ideas or opinions would be appreciated!
  • charliecharlie
    Posts: 124
    Hey flx,
    No, you do not need a larger model. I agree with Nood. I think you are trying too hard. If you become exhausted from your contractions, you are pushing way too intensely. I suggest that you clear your schedule for a session where time is not important and take it slowly and gently. Really concentrate on each new sensation. When you feel something good, just try to stay at that point. Based on my experience, your body will reach several plateaus before you experience the so called "Super-O". The key to success is realizing that you will never have a prostate/anal orgasm by trying to force your way there.
    I also think that the process described as "re-wiring" takes place as your muscles strengthen and your nerves adjust to the new sensations produced by the aneros. It is truly amazing what control you will achieve over muscles you never knew existed. Be patient and you will succeed. Take care,
  • flxflx
    Posts: 10
    Thanks for the responses.

    One of the things I've noticed is the tab doesn't make much (or any contact) unless I'm contracted. Is this normal? It sounds to me like it should be making some contact even while not contracted. If it is supposed to make contact while relaxed, is there a solution to this problem?