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Don't ovelook the MGX
  • StudmouseStudmouse
    Posts: 1
    I am new to the Aneros site. I read all through it and decided that I'd start out with a big bang and bought the Maximus. Tried it and got nothing at first. After several uses, I got some real nice sensations but no Super O. The darn thing made me sore and my prostate ached after using it for any lenght of time. Next, I ordered the Helix. I got nothing except a sore prostate. I guess the head has to much angel for my small build. It hurt more than it pleased. It is the least favorite of the trio that I own. In fact, I've quit using it for the most part. It gave me absolutely nothing.

    I wasn't going to give up. I ordered the unimpressive looking MGX. OMG!!! It sent me into the most pleasurable state. No Super O, but God does it ever feel great. I can stand, walk, lay on my right side, left side almost any position and get really nice feelings. It puts just enough pressure on the prostate to give wonderful sensations without hurting. Last night I got several body spasams which I have never gotten with either the Maximus or the Helix. That little MGX is going to be my ticket to the Super O. Everyone's body is different, but don't rush out and buy the next generation models just because they look impressive. Start with the MGX. That little sucker surpised the heck out of me. Bigger ain't always better. Had I started with it I could have save the cost of the other two. Again, don't overlook the MGX.
  • charliecharlie
    Posts: 124
    Hey Studmouse,
    I agree with you. I like to rotate the models and I always enjoy the MGX. I guess there is something about your first love. Take your time and I bet you will end up enjoying the Helix and Maximus too. Take care,