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I am not happy....yet
  • I bought the Helix and tried it as soon as the FedEx guy dropped it off. Nothing. Last night I played with again and even slept the entire night with it in. Nothing. What am I NOT doing?

    Also, can someone post some pics of themselves using the Aneros?
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    I found sleeping with it in does nothing really. As much as it's a secret about relaxing, it's not all relaxing.

    You want to lay there on your side and just breath deeply and slowly. Push out slowly and hold it, then pull in slowly and hold it, then relax.

    Keep your breathing constant, don't speed up or slow down, no deeper and no lighter.

    Eventually while pushing out you should eventually start to feel the twitching. I guess those are the contractions everyone talks about, but those are what will get you there.

    It takes a while to get it at first but once you do it a few times you can start the twitching within minutes usually.