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hello questions
  • mabo11mabo11
    Posts: 1
    Hello there

    Well, I got my MGX about 3 months ago. My experiences with it have been a bit mixed. I have been a bit of a lurker on these forums trying to find useful tips to reach the "Super O". My experience with the Aneros so far definetly makes me want to continue.

    The main problem for me so far is santorum. Based on many testimonials, it seems that hands should be almost a non-factor in an aneros session. However, due to this problem, the aneros continually slips out whenever I try it hands free. I have had some VERY strong sensations from the aneros, and believe I have perhaps just barely touched upon a prostate orgasm. Unfortunately, I have been using the aneros manually in many instances so this strong sensation lasts only for a second and then dissapears.

    So, I believe my first hurdle will be a hands free session. Any tips as to solve my problem from keeping the aneros from slipping out? Perhaps I am using too much lubricant.