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Milking Experience (Voluntary Ejaculation?)
  • jaktjakt
    Posts: 10
    Last night, I had a partially hands-free milking (no touching the Aneros). I started with using the Aneros as I had done before with holding a contraction to get some twitching going. Then I switched gears and started contracting and releasing my anal muscles, and it seemed more agile than usual. I did several contractions. Then I decided to masturbate to the edge, stopping before any orgasmic contractions could occur. I combined the two, starting with the contractions, and about two or three contractions after I stopped, I ejaculated without orgasm. I did it three times in a row. A small amount came out the first time, a lot the second (almost twice normal, but it's also had been a long time for me), and the third time, only a few drops. I think I'll call it "Voluntary Ejaculation" cause I was in control of the muscles, substituting for the orgasmic contractions.