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A new user speaks out.
  • Well I took the plunge and bought one of these Aneros things (the Maximus, as I'm fairly experienced in taking things in the rear) and at first I was somewhat underwhelmed. I wasted no time in cleaning myself out, lubing it up and inserting it into myself before settling myself down on the bed to await the results.

    Nothing. I spent one hour just slowly contracting my rear and letting the plug slowly slide in and out of my rear, rather enjoying the feeling but now experiencing any of these groundbreaking orgasms that people have been writing about. Of course I wasn't about to write it off entirely, but I was feeling a little conned after paying over the odds for a glorified buttplug.

    Then it started. Oh God it started.

    When clenching my rear, I took it about a quarter of the way in and felt it press against a rather pleasurable area. Naturally, I held it there for a while to savour the somewhat unique sensation. Then I felt a strange pulsing in my rear that seemed to travel all along my shaft too, making me hard in a matter of seconds before slowly fading. I just about had time to think "What the hell was that?" before the second wave hit.

    All in all there were 5 waves, each one more severe than the last. By the fifth wave, I could feel my legs trembling. It's like everything below my lower back was just alive with sexual energy, tingling and causing me to yowl and moan in a most unexpected way. I've used a number of things in my rear before but holy hell, I've never had anything like that. It was sensational.

    After that wave I kinda lost it and released my grip on the plug, but if that's what I managed to accomplish with my first time of usage then I'm literally shuddering at the prospect of what I'll eventually get out of this little thing.

    People. Don't give up on it. It may take hours, days or months, but it'll happen. Oh yes it will.

    Oh, and this forum has made for fantastic reading. I wouldn't have been prompted to share otherwise. :)
  • charliecharlie
    Posts: 124
    Congratulations Miran!
    Glad to hear you had such an outstanding first experience. Keep us posted as you push the boundaries of pleasure. Take care,
  • I'm glad to have read your experience with the Aneros, since I just ordered one today. In fact this is my first post on the forum, and I couldn't be more excited, and at the same time full of doubt and curiousity.

    I've never had any experience with butt play myself, but hope that my fiance and I can both have fun trying new things with this. She has teased me about such things in the past anyway, saying she'd love to use a dildo on me or at least try it to see how I like it. I look forward to the experience.