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Ejac Denial?
  • DaveLeeDaveLee
    Posts: 1
    Hello. I'm new to this forum but have been experimenting with the aneros for a few years with out much luck with SuperO. I still love the thing though.

    I think "upgrading" to the Helix might be my next step, but for now I have another question.

    I often get very close to superO but it doesn't happen, then I get impatient and begin to take matters into my own hands. Do you suppose that holding off on ejaculatory orgasm for some time is helpful? I think I may be overdoing it, so I am not as aroused as I could be when I start my sessions. It will take some discipline...

  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi Dave,

    I wonder if the fact that you love the thing if you are not closer to the Super O than you think. There have been misconceptions from people (namely me) that was not understanding what exactly a Super O consisted of.

    I have personally not seen any significant advantages to abstaining from regular ejaculation. I have experimented with it, but it didnt do anything for me except for what Charlie says, clogs the pipes.

    Continued good luck,

  • mu1timu1ti
    Posts: 61
    Couldn't agree more Buster. It's worth holding out for 3-4 days sometimes but after that it seems like diminishing returns (mid 40s, may not be true for guys in 20s). Use it or lose it :)

    Having said that tho I also think that being comfortable with finishing a session without a traditional finish is a big step towards getting higher, take the arousal from that session and carry it to the next one or into lovemaking.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    In the past I've written several posts regarding abstinence and it's potential regarding the Super O, but since I can't seem to locate a place to direct you, I'll give it to you in brief. There is NO question in my mind that the Super O is faciliated by arousal. Generating arousal and focusing it is key to the process. In so far as abstinence is concerned, it can indeed be a way of accumulating sexual energy. This pent up energy can lead to higher states of arousal, so in a manner of speaking abstinence can (under certain further), be of assistance in your Super O explorations.

    How long one abstains is largerly dependent on the reqularity of ones sexual activity to begin with, i.e... on a weekly/monthly basis. For instance, if one is accustomed to daily orgasms, a day or two may be all that is necessary to build up this energy. On the other hand, if one has orgasms on the order of several times a week (or more infrequently still), it may take many days to build up sexual tension that is sufficient to be used in this way. That said, I concur with Mu1ti regarding the concept of diminishing returns. Without question there comes a point where continued abstinence is of no real benefit and moreoever may actually hinder the arousal process. However, where this point is will vary from individual to individual, as per the parameter above.

    BF Mayfield

  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    Sounds about right.

    I know that I am fairly close to super O. Super-Close in fact. But it has been that way for quite awhile. But I know that I am stopping short of a full blown super O. So I'm considering the fact that my regular (daily or more) habit is interfering. That's all.


  • jaktjakt
    Posts: 10
    After the first two weeks since I bought my Aneros, I've cut back on my ejaculations. Well, I'm 30 and up till then I've been doing it before I sleep and when I wake up... yeah twice a day just about every day. Now I use the Aneros or masturbate to the edge and deny myself release.

    I've not ejaculated for about 5-6 days (the longest I've done so far). I then used the Aneros for 45 minutes, after which I really had to pee. I sat down, removed the Aneros, and peed. I pushed out the urine several times. After I was almost done, I felt a burning sensation. I started dripping semen. It was an unexpected surprise! The next day, I sat down to have a BM and it happened again. Well, I milked myself (more on that later) that night and masturbated fully in the morning.

    I've just started a journal a few days ago so I can keep track of my progress and how long it's been. I plan on continuing orgasm denial in the hopes of the Super-O, or just for the heightened arousal and (erotically pleasant) frustration.