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Now I'm getting frustrated
  • I started with the Helix back last October. Been getting twitches etc but nothing like heavy breathing,sweating,jumping around the bed experiences so I bought the Eupho.
    Now reading so many others members experiences on here is really beginning to get me frustrated. Yes I get involuntaries and warm sensations but nothing else. I have read Mayfield sticky on how to...Realz, enjoy the sensations and more will follow...
    The Eupho defiantely gives me more sensations but I'm beginning to get dejected now. I will have a shower, watch a bit of porn. LAy on the bed around 10pm. Insert Eupho.Relax and breath for 20 minutes or so. Then I will start contractions. Gently feelings of involuntaries but I never get them going on there own accord. I always get twitching with a contraction but never sustained.
    I become very relaxed. In fact I get so relaxed that I awake a few hours later with it still inserted. I have now become jealous of all these newbies saying " WOW 1st super O within an hour of trying it".
    Well lucky for you. I've been trying since October. Now its becoming my nemesis

    Any thoughts please
  • BusterBuster
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    Dear VS,

    All I can tell you is that it took me between 6 and 7 months before I started to feel anything worth while. It is a battle that is winnable, so dont give up. You WILL find the right combination that will pull it all together. I found myself being quite jealous of the newbies who were hitting it right out of the box. It was their success though that kept me going. Stay with it and keep us posted.

    Onward and upward!

  • charliecharlie
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    Hey Virginsoldier,
    Keep a positive attitude. It is essential. Good luck along your journey. Take care,
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    i haven't had the fabulous O yet, but i keep confident and there is progress. sometimes my body is almost there, and it feels really good. it is definitley in progress compared to 9 months ago with the MGX, and 6 months agow ith the Helix. i switch between the two to have more different feelings, but the helix is better (it is pushing more my prostate). i consider to buy the maximus als well. But no "big O" yet!

    keep confident
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    Yeah-same here. So frustrating. You do all the exercises, relax, try all the suggestions in the forum and nothing happens... Really, I can't feel anything w/ the aneros, except it feels erotic going in. I have been getting strong contractions and body convulsions for months, but still no internal feelings of pleasure. No one in the forum seems able to give me any advice on what to do. Spending months and months alone in your bedroom trying to get the aneros to work- really starts to get boring... The best way that I can see it, or be able to compare it to anything, is that many women take YEARS of sexual experience and solo mastrubation to able to acheive orgasms. Sometimes, it's only their own state of mind or attitudes about their body that are inhibiting their sexual responses. But, of course when a woman finally does get to acheive an orgasm, was it worth it for her? Of course!!! I try to just keep trying, and not get frustrated or annoyed. When it does happen, I know it will be worth it. For roght now I'm just going to lay off the aneros for a month and just try to reapproach it later with a fresh mindset. But, a little more concrete advice for those of us long-termers with no results would definetly be appreciated.
  • Have you experimented with different lubes? It can make a big difference. I like Boy Butter the best. It is very slick but not too liquid. Also, are you making sure that your rectum is totally empty? If it isn't, it will prevent the device from hitting where it is supposed to.
  • (this post was edited 2006-07-13 16:20:00)

    Originally Posted By: arkfarmbear
    Have you experimented with different lubes? It can make a big difference. I like Boy Butter the best. It is very slick but not too liquid. Also, are you making sure that your rectum is totally empty? If it isn't, it will prevent the device from hitting where it is supposed to.

    I use KY Jelly and I do indeed my sure I am completely clean.

    I tried again last night. No expectations,calm and relaxed. The only thing I did do was watch some porn while lying on my side,one leg straight the other bent and purely concentrated on achieving involuntary contractions.
    Well it worked to a certain extent. I eventually got to the stage were my muscles had weekened from the constant involuntaries. Through this the I could feel the Eupho hitting the prostate and a slight warm feeling inisde(I do mean slight). I tried different breathing and could feel a build up inside but again it wouldn't go any further. I did not force the issue,I just carried on the same way. Still had these feelings that I was near the edge.
    Wish someone could tell me a secret formula to push me over that edge into blissful esctasy??
  • jaktjakt
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    (this post was edited 2006-07-15 18:19:29)

    I've had my Helix for 1 1/2 months. I feel like I'm starting to get the hang of it, but I might be weeks to years from the Super-O. One thing is maybe you're too relaxed if you're falling asleep. Do anything to heighten your arousal. Watch porn, think erotic thoughts, pretend your having the best sex ever. I've found just wearing a cockring arousing, even without an erection. Don't be afraid to accessorize! I find that arousal causes (or encourages) me to contract my muscles.

    I have also been practicing orgasm denial, desiring the pleasure from the Aneros to me my only goal. I've gone probably 6 days without orgasm, masturbating to the edge a few times and using the Aneros for last 4 nights, creating a lot of build-up. I've committed myself to making the Aneros my primary source of pleasure and denying as much as possible the desire to have a traditional orgasm.
  • RogerRoger
    Posts: 23

    Try varying your routine. Change your position, pre-insertion ritual, etc. For me, time of day can make a big difference. I usually have the most intense sessions during the afternoon. At night, I often seem to be too tired or unfocused.

    Good Luck!