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First try
  • wodowodo
    Posts: 6
    (this post was edited 2006-07-13 01:24:02)

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    yesterday now my Helix arrived and I would like to describe my first experiences.

    After unpacking I was nevertheless something surprised - so small!?
    I had expected something in the size of a Dildo, but the thing is now really small.
    After I had supplied myself and him with sliding gel went it loosely Pulse goes up to 120). Introduction ran without problems and the strange feeling disappeared after some minutes. When I began then with the muscle exercises, I was disappointed over the effect (like many other users). I could not determine a noticeable Massage of the Prostata and pressure on the press point between testicles and after. Are then from the recommended side situation into the upside-down position changed and my stretched legs additionally over-crossed.
    Now I could feel a noticeable Massage. Also some desire drops withdrew, but that’s already by the Massage with the time. Only once I meant to feel a tiny preliminary stage to something stronger - however that was fast again away.
    To a Erektion it did not come. After approximately one hour I increased then Mastrubation and the pressure to the Prostata manually strongly. However only a minimum quantity of Ejakulat came withdrew to a small Orgasmus whereby. Whether it sperm was - I do not know it.
    Result after the first use:
    A Orgasmus during the GV or by Masturbation is better!
    No Erektion

    All in all - not satisfying.
    In the next days a further attempt will start

    Any Comments are welcome :-)

    --Translate to English from Babelfish--

    And here the German Version:

    gestern ist nun mein Helix eingetroffen und ich möchte meine ersten Erfahrungen schildern.
    Nach dem Auspacken war ich doch etwas überrascht – so klein!? Ich hatte etwas in der Größe eines Dildos erwartet, aber das Ding ist ja nun wirklich klein.
    Nachdem ich mich und ihn mit Gleitgel versorgt hatte ging es los Puls ging auf 120). Das Einführen verlief ohne Probleme und das seltsame Gefühl verschwand nach einigen Minuten.
    Als ich dann mit den Muskelübungen begonnen habe, war ich über die Wirkung (wie viele andere auch) enttäuscht. Eine merkliche Massage der Prostata und Druck auf den Presspunkt zwischen Hoden und After konnte ich nicht feststellen.
    Bin dann von der empfohlenen Seitenlage in die Rückenlage gewechselt und habe meine ausgestreckten Beine zusätzlich überkreuzt. Nun konnte ich eine merkliche Massage spüren.
    Es traten durch die Massage mit der Zeit auch einige Lusttropfen aus, aber das war’s auch schon. Nur einmal meinte ich eine winzige Vorstufe zu etwas stärkerem zu spüren – aber das war schnell wieder weg.
    Zu einer Erektion kam es nicht.
    Nach ca. einer Stunde habe ich dann Masturbiert und den Druck auf die Prostata manuell stark erhöht. Es kam zu einem kleinen Orgasmus wobei aber nur eine minimale Menge an Ejakulat austrat. Ob es Sperma war – ich weiß es nicht .

    Fazit nach dem ersten Gebrauch:
    • Ein Orgasmus während des GV oder durch Masturbation ist besser.
    • Keine Erektion
    • Alles in allem à nicht befriedigend
    Werde in den nächsten Tagen einen weiteren Versuch starten

  • charliecharlie
    Posts: 124
    Hey Wodo,
    I think you need to relax and don't focus so intensely on whether or not you have an erection. Take your time and I think you will eventually have good results. Take care,
  • wodowodo
    Posts: 6
    No Problem,

    i don't think that i will arrived the "Top fo the Mountain" when i use it the first time.

    I think that i should use it more times to find "Way to the Top"

  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    My first few tries were with the MGX model, and there was nothing spectacular... definitely some interesting sensations... at one point I got a tingling in my feet?...

    I can see how it's going to be a learning experience and I'm eager to try again, but I find that the perinium tab digs in rather too firmly, and after a couple of hours over 3 sessions it's left me a bit sore, mabe bruised in that area... is there somthing I'm doing wrong.... I looked at the Helix and noticed that the tab is smaller, looks more flexable, perhaps this is a solution?
  • nood1963nood1963
    Posts: 113
    Hello Bluey,

    Don't let the soreness from the tab discourage you. It's like a lot of new things. For example, a pair of new shoes may cause blisters. Having a tab press on your perinium area, which probably has never been caressed like that before will become sore. Mine was sore too, but the area becomes toughened or use to it, and from than on it's pure pleasure. I have the MGX which has a much more agressive tab for me. I also have the Helix, which at first did not bring very good results, but since I have learned from each of the stimulators and how they work, the Helix has been helping me have amazing orgasms. After awhile the abutment tab will become your dearest friend and create a lot of good feelings. Take your time and enjoy the stimulation that these new stimulators are creating. It's so worth the effort, time, and sometimes the hurt. Nood
  • ohenryohenry
    Posts: 1
    I, too, got sore on my sweet spot, so I have neded up putting a corner of towel under the tab. This softens things just a bit (I tried another method, with a foam piece, suggested by another post, but it softened the sensation too much). I hope the soreness wears off so I can go it directly against my skin again, but meanwhile, the towel seems to be doing two other good things: keeping the tab and my perinium (sweet spot) dry so the tab anchors better there, and then also, it seems to tilt the aneros just a tiny bit more in toward my prostate, which feels better with more sensation. Maybe this is all just my body's own funny thing, but it helps, at least for now as I get used to it. But I reallt would like to feel the tab directly without irritation, because the more pressure there, the more it shoots things up into my penis and all through the groin, not just in the prostate.
  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    I found part of the cause of my problem with the tab... the first one is that I had (had) quite a bit of hair in that area, and the tab was actually pulling the hair, so I have used an intimate clipper tool to remove the hair but not leave it too short as to be prickly... and also I discovered that my lube was inadequate because the tab was pushing through it and becoming virtually glued to my skin... I solved this by using a small amount of petrolium jelly in that area to ensure this didn't happen... having done this, I did not suffer any problems with the tab, even on the MGX.. the Helix was less of a problem, but didn't seem to work as well for me.

    I have since read the forum in even more detail, and realised that I was on to somthing on my first attempt, and so went back to the MGX after trying the Helix.. I'll explain my experience, and perhaps someone can say if I'm on the right track, or offer any suggestions.

    When I first used the MGX I noticed some twitching in my anus/PC muscle.. but I was concentrating on rythmic contractions and massaging the prostate etc I kinda thought I was imagining it... but having read more, I realise that I should perhaps see where the twitching lead.

    Trying again, with the problems above attended to, I had another go, relaxed, lying flat on my back.. I have found this works, but will experiment more later... After mabe 10 minutes of relaxing, with a little massaging, but some holding the 30-50% contraction, the twiching started, and it was quite random to start with, but it over a period of time it bacame much more rythmic, and "purposeful"... It felt good, but I found it hard not to interfere, it's an unusual feeling to have your muscles working without you controlling them, and my brain kept telling me that I was doing it, or wanting to stop it... a couple of times I got a sensation building in my hips/pelvis area that felt kinda like the first stages of a penile orgasm, only in the wrong place... but I never managed to go much further than that... Does this device create a time warp?... suddenly 3 hours had passed.. LOL. Anyway, I'm sure there is somthing to this whole thing, and I'll enjoy finding out what it is for myself eventually... but the journey is fun already...