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No Erektion during Analstimulation
  • wodowodo
    Posts: 6
    I tried from time to time a anale stimulation with a vibrator. I had never a Erektion, or an existing Erektion decreased/went back. Now did I order myself the Aneros Helix and a question to the Aneros user - does one get a better Erektion or none by the Aneros now? Would like the Aneros particularly with traffic with my wife began, there I mean Erektion not for a long time to hold can and hopes this by the Aneros to change.


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  • charliecharlie
    Posts: 124
    Hello Wodo,
    You will have strong erections using the Aneros sometimes. Other times, it will come and go. Rest assured that you can achieve a Super-O without an erection. Hope you enjoy your Helix. Take care,
  • wodowodo
    Posts: 6
    Hello Charlie,
    thanks for your answer. , now I do not know

    Hmmm also.... At present I have the problem that sometimes during traffic (whats the right english word ?) my Erektion suddenly lose and/or, should i nevertheless hold, after 3-4 "impacts" i'm cumming.

    Thus I have a problem - who is already lucky not satisfy his wife "properly" or only with the Vib.
    My Doc meant that the Aneros could improve, but after I had read the different Forum-reports I#m not sure.

    He meant I could wear the Aneros during traffic, but in addition I should have a Erektion (and hold). If however now by the Aneros no Erektion takes place.....??


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