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Let me get this straight
  • MathensMathens
    Posts: 9
    The "super O", in addition to causing involuntaries and shaking and convulsing of your body, also feels like you are going to cum as if you were having an ejaculatory orgasm except without the ejaculation right?

    Seems like a silly question but my experiences have provided the involuntaries and shaking but haven't gotten that close to a feeling of cumming like a traditional orgasm. Don't get me wrong, the first two "symptoms" feel pretty good and I enjoy them but it seems like there should be more based on other people's testimony.

    I have had sessions where the convulsing, heavy breathing, and panting was pretty intense to the point that I thought I was having a super O. So to those who have been there all the there more?

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    Great to hear from you again! This is not a silly question at all. In essence, you're asking if the Super O feel like an ejaculatory orgasm WITHOUT the emission? There are some elements of it that are reminiscent of the ejaculatory experience, but many more that are not. In a nutshell, the traditional experience is far more centered in ones penis and in general terms feels (by comparison) more external. The Super O on the other hand, has a penile component to be sure (more with some individuals than others) but sensations can also be felt anally, prostatically, rectally, abdominally and in many instances globally as well (all over the body). It is a more internal experience, but the intensity of these sensations may manifest themselves externally also (muscular spasms).

    Specific to your situation, I would ask, are there any feelings of euphoria that accompany the experience that you have? Or the feeling of blissful, intense pleasure that occurs in waves?

    The following is an excerpt from my KEYS TO THE BACKDOOR thread above where I attempted to define the Super O a bit. Perhaps this might be helpful.

    For whatever it's worth, I am the person who established the use of the term Super O or Super Orgasm here in the forum. Over the years, I've seen several users refer to different experiences using this term. For a long time now I've tried to avoid making comments that could disturb the flow of any users journey, preferring to try to gently steer people when necessary. Rather than telling somebody that they have the concept all wrong, I've tried to introduce alternative ideas. In retrospect, perhaps the confusion over this needed more of a definitive correction.

    In any event, the Super Orgasm (Super O) was name that I gave for an orgasm that stepped out of my normal frame of reference. The Super O is a non ejaculatory orgasm that may involve the entire lower abdominal and pelvic regions and may even extend more globally, into a whole body experience. Since this is a non ejaculatory event, there is no resolution phase the part of the male sexual response that begins the refractory period...our biological time-out during which arousal is not possible. What this means is that multiple orgasms are possible since one never falls from a certain level of arousal (effectively staying in the plateau phase between orgasms). The duration of the Super O may be several seconds to minutes longer than a traditional orgasm (particularly when multiples are involved).

    Know this though,...Super O's come in all shapes and sizes. Some are small, some are large, some are single, some are multiple, some are centered in one area while others are in another. Some are particularly intense, while others are more subdued. Generally the experience is one of a surging pleasure wave that leaves one in a blissful yet energized state ...look Ma' no refractory period !

    The existence of a tickling sensation in the penis, perineum, anus and prostate simulataneously has been reported on many occasions as well.

    There may be outward physical signs of the event such as engorgment of the penis, producing a very stiff erection, and swelling of the glans or head of the penis. Often this swelling may cause the glans to change hue and take on a shiny appearance with the corona becoming larger and more red in color. There may be anal contractions accompanying the orgasm as well. Such contractions may be internal or external. There may be skeletal muscle contraction and rigidity as well. There may be emissions (a flow or oozing) of "precum" (Cowper's fluid) before, during and after such an event too.

    That said, individuals may exhibit all or only a few of these signs.

    There is normally some sense of release following a Super O, but be advised that it may not be of the same magnitude as it is following an ejaculation. Why? Because part of what accounts for the feeling of release is the precipitous drop-off of arousal at the onset of the resolution phase. With the Super O, since we're staying at or near the plateau level of arousal the fall off is much shorter yielding a less pronounced sensation of release. Many have reported feeling strangely energized following a Super O as opposed to the lethargy that accompanies an ejaculation. Again the reason is, is that one is still at the level of arousal following a Super O.

    Yes, it can be confusing from a practical standpoint trying to get a handle on what the Super O is by establishing what it looks like. As I've stated in the past, I believe that the phenomena has its roots in the female sexual response. And as with the female experience, in many cases we are left to accept anecdotal reports as evidence of its (the Super O's) existence. (So it turns out that women aren't the only ones who can fake an orgasm!) But that's just the way that it is. I'm certain that the phenomenon could be scientifically documented with any number of tests; EKG, blood pressure, skin conductivity, etc., but to my knowledge this remains to be done. It is for this reason that I've been somewhat dubious of the videos that have circulated. Not that I'm suggesting that anyone has faked anything here, I accept that everyone is of good intentions, it's just that there seems to be a level of uncertainty as to what's going on. There is so much that depends on the actual sensations that one is experiencing that can't be revealed in this way.

    My opinion is that YOU WILL NEVER DISCOVER THE TECHNIQUES OF ACCESSING THE SUPER O FROM WATCHING A VIDEO. The reason, as I've described previously, is that there is a great deal that is going on internally that defies scrutiny. So while such videos may be titilating, they will have a difficult time being enlightening. (It's like someone giving you a video that shows an individual meditating and expecting you to learn how to meditate from it.) What I'm trying to express here is that even if one sees an individual who outwardly displays physical signs of this type orgasm (and remember that many don't), it does nothing to illuminate the path for getting there! Such videos may be interesting to watch, but they won't get you where you want to go.

    As I've described before, the path to the Super O is a personal process. For some it occurs quite quickly, for others it evolves over time.

    So how does one know the difference between the Super O and a more traditional experience? Interestingly enough many people who have experienced it, know it right away, because (as occured with me) it is something that is outside of their frame of reference. It is, in many ways, a redefining experience. Others (particularly those who start with the more subdued experience) take more time to come to terms with what it's all about.

    One last thing, it may be helpful for some of you to understand what a SUPER O IS NOT. The only thing that one can say with absolute certainty is that a Super O is not an ejaculatory orgasm! Occasionally, I've seen posts that lament the fact that there was no ejaculation and therefore no Super O?!! Clearly they're misunderstanding what it's about. In other posts I've read about hands-off ejaculation (sounds so tremendous... I wish I could do it myself) but this is not the Super O either. Ejaculation no matter how intense signifies a traditional orgasm and once this occurs a refractory period is inevitable. Refractory period = NO SUPER O.

    I hope this clarifies things a bit!

    BF Mayfield
  • nood1963nood1963
    Posts: 113
    Hi Mathens,

    You certainly have had some very good pleasures. Yes, it sure sounds like you are having super o's. Mr. Mayfield does a fine job of describing the event.

    From experience of my own super o's, each one can be and is different. Some are really intense, and last seconds, while some have been more mellow. For me my mindset plays somewhat into how my orgasms are going to be.

    It's at the end of the session that one gets to gild the lily and finally jerk, if one so desires. Ejaculating after having multiple orgasms is just so nice.....

    Try new positions and other peoples recommendations and see how they can benefit you. I still am learning new things myself. Our bodies can do such amazing stuff, which we get so much pleasure from.

  • MathensMathens
    Posts: 9
    Thanks B. Mayfield its great to be back! Thanks Nood1963 for the comments. Yes without a doubt the sensations that I described are very pleasureable! They come on rather quickly after the aneros is inserted usually after about a minute or two. My past experiences, such as this weekend, can get pretty intense. The convulsions or waves build and build to where I am bouncing all over the bed. It can go for about three or four minutes before I am absolutely winded and sweating. I usually bask in the afterglow for a couple of minutes and catch my breath and then start it up again. The "afterglow" is quite euphoric and sometimes leaves me lightheaded or even with a bit of a headache depending how intense it gets. Most often I go this route for about 30-40 minutes, by then I am usually to tired to continue. I then switch to regular masturbation which I will stretch out for 45 minutes to an hour or more depending on the mood I'm in. I usually consider my Aneros sessions as two-parters ending with an incredible orgasm and ejaculation.

    I'm sure it will get better as I'm able to prolong the waves. This will ultimately come with more experience. I read here and there on the Forum from some that there is the feeling of imminent ejaculation in addition to the waves during a Super O but I don't or haven't had those feelings yet. There is definitely pleasurable sensations anally and prostatically during all of this. Definitely nothing on the hands-free ejaculation but here is to hoping right? Lets be clear though, even if it doesn't happen the Super O (if that is what I am having) is still a hell of an experience. Nothing compares.

    Thanks for the input. What I read is very familiar with my experiences. And I will certainly update when updates become available.

  • charliecharlie
    Posts: 124
    Greetings Mathens,
    Keep at it. It only gets better with experience. Keep us informed.
  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    Can you compare and contrast a Super-O with a hands-free ejaculation? I would like to experience cumming without touching my penis. Can anyone tell me how? I have a friend who has done this while he was getting fucked.