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Essential reading about prostate
  • zanyozanyo
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    Before you know how to take care of your prostate, you should really be familiar with its structure including the lobes and substructures.

    With this knowledge, it is possible for example to extract three or four drops of pre-cum within two minutes. it also teaches you to be more gentle because you understand what you're doing.

    The way you should find out about your prostate before using any objects is with your finger, the two lumps that you feel on either side are actually the two lobes of the prostate that each contain exactly 6 outlets into the urethra. It is by rubbing these two lobes downwards and towards the centre that you purge them, and then by gently rubbing your finger down through the middle of the prostate that the drops of fluid continue along the urethra.

    here is a link with one of the best pictures of the prostate on the Internet, and loads of extra information that is really essential reading.

    The above page contains cross-section photos of the prostate, and the best picture ever in the middle showing the drainage ducts. these are some of the best pictures on the Internet and there are lots of pages on this website which are all informative.

    I have found that the most sensitive part is the lowest central point of prostate which seems to be a bit like a valve or a bump with lots of nerves, when you rub this little bump at the end of the prostate, it is possible to achieve ongoing orgasms that are at least as good as anything you will have through ejaculation.

    Personally I'm interested in the milking aspect at the moment and I would not recommend anyone doing anything unnatural or rubbing for more than five minutes to begin with and slowly work your way upwards so that you do not press in your sensitivity,- it should be softer even then rubbing you eyeball. in fact be very gentle indeed because these things are very strange and produce bizarre results often related to tiredness and overuse .

    Also rubbing this sensitive little part is good for arousing the whole prostate and then it is easier to run your finger across the lateral lobes and produce that familiar weeing sensation when you're purging them. (little bump I mention is interesting to me, it's also at the same level as the external urethral sphincter -like a valve.)

    To begin with, you will find that you should be able to get a few drops of white fluid out, and after a few times when you are familiar with it and you do a gentle rub with a finger for about 15 minutes all over the sensitive parts in the right way, you should be able to get about 10 drops of white fluid and then if you continue,: slowly mixed with sticky transparent become that comes after and you should be able to get a few drops of that manually as well, and transparent element of the Pre cum comes from the structures above the prostate shouldn't really be subject to manual stimulation.

    When the fluid goes from being white and milky to be white and sticky and then transparent and sticky, know that it's completely empty, you should stop at that point we have the first transparent drop, else it's a bit over the top at least to begin with, I just went for five minutes after getting the first transparent drops and I'm a bit too numb in my balls and penis today- the day after.

    Remember to always be very gentle and not tire it out by doing too much too soon when you don't know what it does and certainly don't leave anything in overnight.

    Anyway I hope the above information was useful, I would love to see some more links so we can learn more scientifically about how it gets in gorged and aroused