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Twitches & Pulses
  • RaysSpermRaysSperm
    Posts: 3
    Hi- I have used the prostate stimulator a few times now, and I am now beginning to feel lots of twitches and pulses when I sustain an anal contraction for a long time. I notice that by moving my pelvis in different positions I can make the small muscle contractions become primarily anal, or anal & penis & testicles, or finally a much deeper feeling of pulses that are probably in the prostate itself, kind of when you shoot sperm. Is this how the aneros works? I still have not felt an orgasm from this- but is this the right direction to go?? I assume that as I play more, the muscles responsible for these twitches and pulsing contractions will strengthen and eventually lead to a sustained pulsation and full contraction to give the orgasmic feeling?
  • charliecharlie
    Posts: 124
    Hey Ray,
    You are correct. Relax and savor each new sensation. Don't try to force anything. Have fun and let us know how your first Super-O feels. I don't think it's too far off. Take care,