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Visual Stimulation
  • PuckPuck
    Posts: 9
    Dear all,

    We all have our various methods of visual self-arousal when we're using our aneroses. If anybody shares my preference could you recommend some internet sites? I find pictures of SOLO girls with strapons REALLY arousing. It's not something I fancy in real life, but as we all know, that's the joy of fantasy and the solo opportunities the aneros provides. I'm not into hardcore, I just wish I could find somewhere that just did solo shoots. I've done a lot of Googling with limited success. They usually charge or they're full of hardcore/viruses/links etc etc. Any suggestions welcomed!
  • I suggest that you get some good video (or CD') showing your favorite action. Pop it in the player and lay on the sofa or bed - propped up a bit so your Aneros can move freely, and have a ball. I love doing this and have played for 45 minutes before I HAD to come. I had multiple Big O's during my play time too.