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Was ready to give up - Anyone with troubles *getting there*,
  • SkepticSkeptic
    Posts: 1
    This is for everyone who is ready to give up like I was. Believe me, I know how dissappointed you may be in the Aneros. But trust me, stick with it and you will be happy you did.

    Alright, when reading through all instructions everything and everyone refers to "Contractions" and such, but that wasn't detailed enough for me because you can have 2 contractions (That matter). Pushing out or Pulling in.

    Well, tonight I got it working and hit all those euphoric states and I will explain how exactly.

    When breathing through this, try to breath with your stomach, it will work the aneros just enough to get the ball rolling.

    All of this was accomplished on either side, same postion, lower leg slightly bent, top knee up to stomach.

    Quite simple actually, once you're relaxed you want to contract to pull the Aneros deep inside and hold it there while calmly breathing. Not too deep of breaths but a little more than normal. Still try to be relaxed. Hold the inward contraction for some time until it starts to relax on it's own.

    Now, instead of just relaxing on your "In-pull", gently push out on the aneros, similar to a bowel movement (this may be difficult the first few tries but you'll get it). Not too hard but nudge it outwards til you think you found a sweet spot and try to hold the contraction there while breathing the same, tighten down a bit on the contration, we want to wear out your muscles a bit I believe. I found that constant breathing is very important so try not to get excited or anything.

    Doing this over and over (Staying relaxed) you should start to realize what I started to, it begins moving on it's own while you hold the mild out-pushing contraction, and quite fast too. I didn't even notice it until I felt the handle tap me a few times. Well, that and the burning that started to develope deep inside from it doing this.

    If it doesn't start happening, keep it up and remember to hold the outward at whatever seems to be your sweet spot. And breath, always breath the same. Don't try to bring it on faster by breathing faster, as in my experience this does nothing but make you light headed (Not from pleasure). Don't tense up and try to make yourself start shaking. The type of involentaries that make this work are exactly that, 100% involentary and you can't force them. You can only work with it until you figure out what makes them happen.

    This is hands free, I just layed there perfectly still doing just this and everything just unfolded after a while into, well, wow.

    I hope this helps anyone who was at the point of giving up stick with it.