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No Success
  • jb2006jb2006
    Posts: 3
    (this post was edited 2006-06-30 11:40:36)

    I have tried the MGX and now the Helix and I just don't get feelings that are described in here. I get in the mood looking at arousing photos and that certainly makes me excited, I do the breathing excercises and I just do not see any progress.

    I have been trying for 4 months and no success. I just end up doing the penial thing and be done with it.

    If it is due to the tab not resting where it should, I would not know the difference. I don't know if the tab is too far forward or not forward enough. I have tried grabbing the round ring and pulling back to make the Aneros more aggressive to the prostate gland and still nothing. I even tried the boat key foam trick and it made no difference.

    It takes so much prep work, rectal cleaning, getting in the mood and so on that the amount of effort is really waning.

    I wish I knew what I was doing wrong.

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    Same here... 7 months and counting, you can read my post just previous to yours. I feel like I've spent so much time w/ this piece of plastic stuck up my a** waiting for something/anything to happen. So frustrating... So many other users get it ight the first few tries. I feel like if I had been given the aneros as a surprise gift w/o knowing anything about it, it would have surprised me and worked. I bought it after reading rave reviews and expected to get the same results. I don't need some screaming, earth-shaking orgasm right away, but, hey, a little encouraging pleasure/stimulation would be nice.
  • PuckPuck
    Posts: 9
    It must be very frustrating if you don't even get things moving. The only advice I can really offer (and I'm sorry if this has been offered over and over again already) is to forget the 'exercises', abutment tab placement etc (just for now) and just concentrate on the feeling of the aneros against the walls of your rectum, anus and sphincter. Feel it inside you, filling you, taking possession of you. Occasionally you will probably involuntarily shift it about slightly. ENJOY that. Just recognize and appreciate every minute sensation in your anus, even the tiny senses created by your pulse. This, you will hopefully find, is itself pleasurable and arousing - and I don't think it's easy to get anywhere until you learn to appreciate that.

    I haven't made the super-O yet, but I think you have to enjoy the journey, not just the destination, if you're to get anywhere. Hope this helps.
  • Edit
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    Absolutely right on. The more you try the less you get. This can be an absolutely powerful experience. One time I was soooo relaxed that even the involuntary movements were in slow motion. Just rode it and they were great! The O's came after an hour or so that time, but each is totally different.
  • Edit
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    This question is open to anyone who can help.

    Had the Helix for a little over a month. Have had some progress in the last week or so. Started using KY instead of astroglide and I think that helped. KY becomes super slippery with a little water. Should I lubricate the KY? What is the best lubricant to use with the aneros? Or based on experience, what lubricants work better than others. I found that inserting on my right side and laying on my right side works better than my left (I spent the whole first month on my left side )-:)

    Can feel the aneros move inside me after about a minute or so and this will go on for a bit (I usually end up involuntarily clenching) which I have to consciously work to release). Should I be doing this? Had a few nice spasms but not much more. How long does it take (or did it take) to get to the orgasms?

    Also, where the hell can I get an anal syringe to insert lubricant (which I haven't done yet, may be part of the problem) and what lubricant should I inject?