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Just Starting Out & Question
  • RaysSpermRaysSperm
    Posts: 3
    Hello- I just purchased my Helix and have been reading the material here on the Web. SInce I usually release my sperm sitting in a chair with my legs stretched out or on my desk top, I wonder if this type of position is OK for the prostate stimulator. Most of what read suggests that you lay on your side or flat? Has anyone advice on sitting forward or on the edge of a chair. I can't wait until my materials arrive- I will post again as my experience starts and as I lean to use this amazing sounding device!
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,092

    I have posted on this in several threads previously, as I can't quite remember where to direct you, I'll just tell you that a seated position is not the easiest one to go with. The main problem involves the curled handle (normally used for removal of the massager). In a seated position pressure is brought to bear on the handle which limits the mobility of the Aneros adversely. Some users have chosen to remove the handle but I would discourage you from doing this particularly at this time (as you're just getting started).

    I have had some nice success, albeit with some contortions on my part, by sitting in a large padded chair (preferably the spring loaded type that rocks backward). Placing the chair in front of my desk, I positioned my rear over the edge of the seat with my knees bent up back towards my stomach. I placed my feet on the edge of the desk for stability. In essence your lower back is on the edge of the seat (your butt is not).

    The cool thing about this position is that it allows you to "hang out" in front of your computer while you're taking a ride with your Aneros.

    DO NOT AT ANYTIME sit on the handle of the Aneros. This can translate into a great deal of pressure on your prostate that could be dangerous. Besides, as I mentioned before it completely immobizes the massager and will not provide you with the results that you're looking for.

    BF Mayfield
  • RaysSpermRaysSperm
    Posts: 3
    Well, my package arrived and I tried my Helix shortly thereafter. The first time I just enjoyed the feeling of it and practiced anal contractions. The next try I worked at it a little longer but no sustained contractions. Last evening I held the contraction really long until I did feel lots of extra twitches going on until there were quite of few of these fairly rapidy firing all over the rectal, anal and even my testicles fell something. I lay on my back with a pillow under my lower back and jerked- the ejaculation contractions were stronger than any I have had except maybe when I was a teen. I do believe there was more fluid as well. I noted that moving my hips (as in pelvic thrusting as in having sex ) brought very nice feelings. I guess that moves the Helix around the prostate and other sensitive parts. I will be trying for the non-ejaculatory orgasm. Wonder what that feels like??