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Lying On Your Stomach
  • LeoILeoI
    Posts: 10
    For those having problems achieving pleasure with the Aneros, I recommend lying on your stomach.

    I have an older version of the MGX and a SGX and this position works for me. I can't tell you why. Perhaps its because the Aneros has more freedom of movement.

    Here's the basic technique. Feel free to alter it.

    After inserting the Aneros, lie on your stomach with your penis head pointing toward your feet. Place your hands at your sides with the palms facing up. Find a comfortable position for your head. It can be turned to the left or right.

    Begin breathing slowly and deeply and then exhaling slowly. How long and how deep you inhale and exhale is irrelevant...just find a breathing pattern is comfortable and natural for you. (Example: Inhale for four counts and exhale for four counts.)

    Next locate your prostate. To do this, use contractions of varying size. Start with large contractions and gradually decrease the size of the contractions. Or you can begin with small contractions and increase the size of the contractions. Develop a rhythm. (Example: Breath for four counts, contract for four counts, exhale for four counts. Once again, the length you inhale and exhale and contract is what's is comfortable for you.

    You'll know you've located the prostate because some of the contractions will be more pleasurable than others.

    Once you've located your prostate, use that size contraction to focus on prostate. Some signs of success: Pleasurable sensations in the testicles, penis and pubic area, an erection, the emission of precum. Also your breathing will become more rapid.

    After about ten to fifteen minutes, your body should begin to shake and you should be on your way.

    One word of caution. Don't move your hips in an up and down movement.

    Good luck.