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Throbbing butt technique
  • kirinkirin
    Posts: 1
    I finally had a breakthrough today. I had tried the Helix with no results, it didn't seem to push on my perineum at all. I'm only 5'5", so I figured I would try the SGX. Got that a few days ago.

    So my wife and son left for a couple weeks with inlaws, and I was DETERMINED to have success this weekend. After several long sessions with the SGX, lots of thrusting in the air, grinding, and gyrating, I was worn out.

    For unknown reasons this afternoon, decided to put the SGX in and lay in bed and read with relaxing Ipod music on. My butt was flat-out sore from my prior sessions, and it felt swollen and was throbbing as well. Then I fell asleep....

    When I woke up, I could feel the aneros throbbing with my pulse and my sphincter was completely relaxed. I rolled onto my side in the one leg straight, one bent position, and just laid there and TRIED to stay relaxed. My other sessions I had done lots of contracting, etc to no avail.

    As I felt the aneros pulsing in my swollen sphincter, I developed this light-headed, spinning sensation that was initially scary, but turned out to be quite euphoric (not like drunk bed-spins). I then very slowly added a slight contraction, and my internal sphincter took over and push the aneros in farther. I had a state of euphoria that lasted for a bit--I have no idea how long. It subsided and recurred four or five times with a minute to several minutes between each episode.

    The euphoric states seemed to be weaker after the first couple, so I decided I would masturbate for a finish. I stayed in the sideways position and started stimulating my penis, which to that point was not hard. As I gained an erection and was stroking my penis, I had an involuntary contraction that thrust the aneros quite deep and I had an orgasm with no ejaculation--I stopped stroking my penis while I had this anal-centered orgasm. I immediately masturbated to a rather large conventional orgasm.

    I was not expecting anything from the aneros once I started masturbating, and was pleasantly surprised by my first aneros orgasm. Going to sleep with a swollen, throbbing sphincter was a nice accidental discovery of the path.