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Something different today!
  • jaktjakt
    Posts: 10
    (this post was edited 2006-06-22 06:56:30)

    I purchased a Helix almost a month ago and today I tried something different that got me closer and made me feel so good afterwards.

    I started abdominal breathing, exhaling and pushing my gut out (kinda like a pot-belly). After a few times, I started feeling the Aneros moving. I shortened my breathing, taking shallow breaths. The sensation is most intense when I have totally exhaled. That combined with my abdominal contractions made the Aneros feel so so very good. I ended up panting like a dog. After a short break, I added come gentle anal/PC contractions, and resumed my breathing and abdominal contractions. This time, I started feeling the sensation of pressure against the tip of the Aneros. I continued until for a few minutes until I was exhausted. Afterwards, I had a feeling of euphoria, an afterglow. (This one's a keeper! ;)

    Up until now, I've tried anal/PC contractions and the most I got was a kind of rocking sensation with PC contractions. Pushing out like having a BM only made me want to go BM. I've read here about the vibratory breathing, but the difference here seems to be pushing in another direction. Only this time, its more forward than down.

    I'd like to here if anyone else has tried this. I really think that this could be just the thing for anyone having problems getting started.
  • jaktjakt
    Posts: 10

    I tried to repeat what I just did and found out that I really was contracting my lower ab muscles in addition to trying to push out my stomach. I really only needed to concentrate on my lower abs to get going! Also, there's a little anal contraction when I contract my abs. Heh, I was going about it the HARD WAY! ;)