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  • JasonJason
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    Hi Guys, I have not used my Aneros now for a couple of weeks, and am still having multiple orgasms daily. last nite I lay relaxed and was able to have several full Super O's These orgasms were full on and Dry.This morning I had another seven within the hour. WOW fantastic!!! Now I would like to know if I can acheive a wet orgasm without stimulation of my penis using similar techniques. My PC muscle contracts tight and I am able to hold it tight for any lenght of time. My nipples are super sensitive and get well stimulated during my sessions. This has been a great experience so far. Any further advice on how to get to this next stage would be appreciated. Jason
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,095
    (this post was edited 2006-06-20 15:58:01)


    I know that there have been several users who have had authentic "hands free" ejaculatory orgasms (without any penile pressure on the penis or on the foreskin or scrotum etc.) but none that I'm aware of have offered a technique for producing this. Ironically, many of these individuals were unable to have Super O's because stimulation from the Aneros always led them down the ejaculatory pathway. Most often these people were looking for a method to "turn off" the ejaculatory response and gain access to the non-ejaculatory pathway.

    Not that I'm discouraging you in searching this out, but don't forget to celebrate your new found ability to be multi-orgasmic as well. If you've read through the comments of others in this forum, I'm sure you've learned that there are many who would count you as very fortunate indeed.

    One thing that you might try is building arousal with hands on and hands off techniques simultaneously. That is, by a process sometimes called "edging" where you bring yourself right to the brink of ejaculation (with the Aneros AND penile stimulation) and then use the Aneros alone for that extra bit of stimulation ("hands free") to push you over the edge. I once referred to this as the Super T (for Super Traditional orgasm). This is my original post from my B's Best of BEE LINE thread above


    More superlatives? Well, yes! This one involves an exquisitely intense, traditional penile ejaculation mediated by the Aneros, hence the name Super T. I stumbled across it during the finale of a particularly intense Super O session. The session had started with about 4 Super O lites (a Super O brought about without the use of the Aneros) which I generated while viewing some good erotica. In particular I enjoy female masturbation videos that feature plenty of close-ups of soft, wet, turgid flesh (just a personal preference…). Anyway, I was feeling very aroused when I made it off to the bedroom to begin with my Aneros. Almost from the moment that I started lubricating it, I could feel an orgasm building, so once it was inserted it was only a matter of seconds before my first Super O. Over the next hour, I would have countless more Super O's (it was over 10..that's all I know), the most intense of which occurred while lying on my left side. Near the end of the session, I was having a series of back-to-back orgasms such that it almost seemed as if it was one continuous experience. All I can tell you is that at one point my anus was racked by so many involuntary contractions that it seemed like it was mouthing interrogatories (who-what-where- when- why ....say them all very quickly 5 times, and you'll get the picture).

    It was a fantastic session, waves of Super O's, virtually an hour's worth, so I decided that I needed something special to complete it. My usual procedure would be to just stroke myself to a traditional orgasm at this point, delightful, but pretty straightforward. This time I tried something a little different, I decided to actually make the Aneros a more active participant in the orgasm as opposed to letting it passively massage my prostate as the involuntary contractions of the ejaculation hit me. I started stroking my penis until I just started to feel the very beginnings of the orgasm building. At this point I took my hands off, and started executing some moderate to large anal contractions, the idea being to have the Aneros by itself, propagate the ejaculation. Within 10 to 15 seconds I would find that the ejaculatory sensations would ebb somewhat so I then switched back to the hands on approach to build it back up. What I found was that it built back up very quickly, and did so to a higher level than where I'd started (the Aneros had added something). Working back and forth, on again and off again, in short order I found that less and less of the stroking was necessary to keep everything going. Finally, I was just barely touching my penis, but using the Aneros to greater and greater effect such that the Aneros was now mediating a tremendous penile orgasm! It was like a tango between my hand and the Aneros; each one taking turns enticing and coaxing an ejaculation from my penis. I could actually feel my prostate swelling inside of me. The effect of this was as if one was inhaling in deeper and deeper to accommodate enormous sneeze.

    Finally when I felt that my climax was imminent, I let the Aneros have the last word with several slammer contractions. At that point I could just barely feel the release of ejaculate deep within my body (the warm tickling pressure) yet the full-on spasms hadn't kicked in. It was like a dam full of water was wide open, but the water was standing still, waiting for gravity to take effect. At this point I stroked my penis powerfully and suddenly I exploded. It was a seismic event. I mean... I cleared out some ejaculate that was left over from an orgasm that I had when I was a 16 years old! It completely emptied me! My abdomen was literally covered in ejaculate. It seemed to go on for almost 30 seconds, while the aftershocks lasted for about 20 minutes, and the afterglow... well, for hours I wasn't quite the same. All and all it was an extraordinarily powerful and intense traditional orgasm,...yes a Super T.

    I've tried this approach a second time since then to equal effect. Although I haven't attempted this technique all by itself, I must believe that the intensity of this approach is directly related to having had the Super O's previously. It is for this reason that I'm classifying this as more of an experienced user's technique.

    BF Mayfield
  • I havn't tried for the "Super-T" with the aneros, yet. However, I have had "blended" orgasms. I'd only ever heard about this with women having simulatneous orgasmic sensations in the clit and G-spot. It works with the penis and the prostate, as well.

    After an Aneros session, you switch to an anal vibe. Then, as you described, alternate stimulation from the penis to the vibe, back and forth, kinda "sneaking up" on orgasm from both ends. Eventually, you reach a point where either a little bit more stimulation from the vibe or just a little bit more attention to the penis will send you over the edge. That's when you go all-out with BOTH, and you have a blended prostate-penis orgasm--VERY much more intense than a regular masturbatory orgasm and easily on par with the Super-O. (IMHO)

    My best friend and I have had lengthy, detailed discussions about our sex lives. She feels that I'm the only guy she knows who can intelligently talk about multiple orgasms and G-spot orgasms because the aneros provides a pretty analagous experience. (It's a shame nature didn't provide men with an X-spot as well, from what she's been saying.)

    But, we are in total agreement: the blended orgasm, whether it's from the penis/prostate combo, or the clit/g-spot combo, seems to be certainly more intense than any of the 4 types on their own.