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entering a brave, new world'
  • LandoLando
    Posts: 9
    After 6 days of anticipation, I took a ride with the MGX today.
    I primed myself for the experience this past week by by reading thru the blogs.
    For a guy who only knows 1 kind of messy orgasm.. i found myself trying to "work it"... trying to get a feeling. While i did feel a lil tickled.. not much happened.
    There were some nice feelings tho- when i calmed myself down enuff to feel them.. it's a subtle wave at first i guess?
    - I'm relaxin.. but then I want to get it movin an tickling... which I'm guessing is self defeating the focusing part?

    To the more experienced- is this the trick?- to just relax an not try to move it around?

    I'm here posting- just like every other hetero male that's too scared to talk about it with his friends, but wanting to experience this new dimension of orgasms!
    Hollah back with yer p.o.v.

  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Dear Lando,

    It sounds as though you are well on your way. It is never a quick as you want it, but be patient, it will be worth it to you.

    I found myself thinking about your last comment about not being able to talk to your friends about it. Amazing that the people that you care most about in the world are the exact people that you feel uncomfortable talking to about this. That is a shame, isnt it?

    Good luck,

  • LandoLando
    Posts: 9
    Last night turned out to be very pleasant. I relaxed into some sweet sensations.. but nothing mind-blowing.
    It's so funny to think- as i begin to figure this out, I can't help but think in amazement how this hasn't been universally accepted..
    -well, the peeps here know, so I'll continue on.
    I'm learning to take these feelings as they come.. 3 sessions now an each one gets nicer. I haven't had any irresistible urge to ejaculate yet- so I wonder if i should let it ride, or clean the pipes?
    Buster- yer point is true. An i'll say this- if i wasn't browsing sex toys with my girlfriend- who knows if I'da ever found out!
    -well, here's to the next time'

  • LandoLando
    Posts: 9
    ahhh k'
    I think i'm onto something here-
    I got into it already aroused an Hard.
    For me- I really like generating movement.. it seems to have been the nicest so far..
    2 days an counting'
    I worked a usual happy ending to finish off- an thats when the MGX
    -shot out my ass'
    It felt great.

  • LandoLando
    Posts: 9
    Last night I fell asleep with the MGX inside me. I was as relaxed as I could be.
    This aft. I tried it again. I went into my session aroused and Hard again. After I slipped the MGX in, I relaxed into more of the usual inner tickles. It never got intense, and while I did get some good feelings- it wasn't like i was OOZING out fluid.. This session lasted at least an hour- which I chose to finish off "by hand". It feels good to cum with it inside- but I didn't have a huge load like whats been described by others.
    Perhaps I'm still not in the right mindstate?
    I do lay down an relax- curled into fetal brings good feelings but they don't amplify unless I choose to move- or create movement, rather.
    Hmmm- it's fun to play with it regardless, but I do hope for more than what i've felt so far..
  • LandoLando
    Posts: 9
    Last night was awesome!
    I did something different. I used less lube, and it turned out to be a BIG factor. See before, with the influence of the blogs I was filling myself up with KY jelly and I think it was too much, in retrospect.
    I put a dab on my finger an rubbed it into my anus, coated the MGX normally- NOT copiously, and this brought new feelings inside that i wasn't feeling before.
    I'd generate pleasure while gyrating- 1 position i found I really like is laying on my stomach and swaying my hips. Then while laying on my side, fetal style and motionless, I felt it move around a LOT more- and better it was!
    This was about a 2 hour session that I ended with another new technique- laying on my side, knees bent sorta fetal, I creamed my inner thighs so that my cock would move with the motion of my ass.
    It gave me the sensation that I was screwing myself..
  • LandoLando
    Posts: 9
    Problem: When I lay down to relax, it's not long before I'm sleeping.

    I layed down last night (with MGX in) and I woke up 5 hours later!
    yawwwn- what time IS it?
    No super O.. just the feeling of being plugged.
    A few days ago tho- I felt the START of a superO.. i lost it before I could get a handle on what was goin on but I'll say this- It'll blow me away!..
    I have the urge to pull my cock whenever i think sexy thoughts. So, according to the literature here- I gotta stop that an focus more on my ass..
    Easier said than done.. if your arousal is banging a hot girl!
    I started this experience without any prior anal exploration, save a finger or 2. I've decided that I enjoy this.. and it's opened up a whole new world between me and my girl. I NEVER thought of letting her fuck me before.. but now?.. if she wants to strap something on- I'll be ready. I've also learned how I can better work my cock for her own anal extascy.
    Those are HUGE realizations achieved- with only 5 or so days of experience here!
  • Edit
    Posts: 0

    Yo Lando,

    I received mine in the mail 3 days ago and have had 3 sessions thus far. I found that trying to make it happen is the best way for it to not happen.

    So what I did is put on a regular movie and lay there relaxed.

    If you want proof that just laying there is enough then touch the handle for a few seconds, it moves every time you breath completely involentary.

    So the best thing to do is just try to forget about it and before you know it you'll feel burning deep inside and no longer feel any part of the Aneros what so ever.

    I tried laying on my stomach and it worked as well. No Super-O yet, but damn close, and wow, it's something else. I have yet to bother even touching myself as it never even compared to this thus far.
  • LandoLando
    Posts: 9
    hey good lookin out!
    I'm gonna try that out soon.
    The last few days I decided to return to my usual masterbation.
    When i "relax", I slip into sleep.. so the trick'll be for me to feel aroused, but not resort to playing with my cock.
  • 22fires22fires
    Posts: 27
    pinch your nipples!
  • LandoLando
    Posts: 9

    I've layed off it for the last few days- an tried it out again yesterday. Once again, I only started to feel anything if i moved around- and ESpecially when I started to masterbate.
    I'm either falling asleep with it in me- or I'm moving around to the point where I need to touch my penis- (so that i get SOME sexual stimulation).
    I'm feeling somewhat disappointed here.