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Ouch! Opinion, please . . .
  • daddeodaddeo
    Posts: 41
    It's interesting to read the other comments about topics and issues.
    One topic I've read from several others is the uncomfortable pain from the perineum abutement.
    I agree.
    That thing hurts!
    If I had been given an MGX as a product research trail, I would have concluded that this "enhancement arm" was a mistake.
    And if I hadn't read some of the other threads relating similar comments, I would have just thought I was doing something wrong.
    (One thread suggested using it "upside down." I tried that. Didn't work for me.)
    My question is -- I've been thinking about ordering the Helix.
    My MGX is nice, just doesn't seem to go far enough.
    However, will the arm of the Helix be just as uncomfortable as the MGX?
    You guys who own these, I would appreciate your take on this.
    Many thanks --
    Have a good one.