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The Path of Sensation
  • I know, from other posts, that everyone's experience seems to be different. I am not terribly familiar with tantra, but some of the things that are happening seem to fit in with what I've read.

    Lately things have been extremely intense. I wasn't sure really whether I was going over the edge, because everything is so different and the traditional release doesn't seem to be there. However, last night there came a point where I had to believe I'd reached it. The alternative was that I couldn't stand anything more. Sensations seem to run up diagonally from the back of my lower body to the front of my middle abdomen, then up thru my chest and up to my forehead. They finally terminate at my crown. Honestly... it feels like the top of my head is going to blow off. It's so intense that it rests in a threshold that feels close to pain.

    Does this sound like activation of chakra?
  • BusterBuster
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    Dear ShadowsFall,

    While I dont have answers for you, I am very interested in the subject matter. I have been dabbling in Tantra a bit myself and am intrigued with it. I have been reading up on it. Interesting stuff. Hopefully, we will have someone more knowledgable than I to explain it further.

    Sounds like your having some fun though, good for you!

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    yes, this sounds like what can happen in spiritual practice, tantra is one of which.

    IMO the aneros stimulates an energy center in our perineum area - obviously linked to the prostate - this can start the Kundalini process.

    My viewpoint coming into using the aneros was that it was essentially a tantric practice which is also found in other cultures but not by that name. My conlcusion at this point (after a year and a half of using aneros) is that it can help lead one to enlightenment. Yet as powerful a tool the aneros is the itensity of mystical experiences can be much more intense. Please understand that I am not trying to say that the aneros is nothing but great!