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The Best of Times
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    I've noted that I started the massages a couple months ago out of concern for prostate issues, enlargement etc., not enough to alarm doc, but uncomfortable. It's helped resolve those issues and others and brought so much more. Today's experience was one of those "best of times" that others may want to share in this thread as well to help us all get there.

    Today's session began with a scripted "mimi-O" without the device (thanks to others here that have helped open that possibility) as a "mental preview" I then layed on a sofa on my left side and decided that is where I'd stay for the duration once. I was going to concentrate and focus on every little feeling from the beginning and push nothing, including no contractions. I had lots of time today and no obligations.
    Turned out to be the best decision ever and yielded 18 distinctively unique super-O's over a four hour session.

    At the beginning the thing found its way into place and the coolness of the lube was obvious on the prostate. The excitement started immediately as it seemed to search for the exact spot (Those with experience understand and those considering it, find it hard to believe but it is so true, I was a skeptic once as well.) It wasn't long and the medium abdominal quivers started, my thighs clamped together and the quivers moved down through them. A deep circular search was started by the device, hips rotated and it was followed by a hard push that took it home for several minutes. Whoa!

    Each succeeding O would start in a unique way and never once was it my initiation. I would just lay back after a slight reprieve and wait for a feeling to start, not knowing where or when. One of them started with a tingling in the groin and my top (right) leg moving in a slow bicyle pedaling movement. This led to a strong erection, one of several throughout these (unusual for me during the massage)and a deep driving device sent me onto another plane. Another started with slight twitches that would circle the groin, one after the other, from right thigh to left thigh to abdomen and back to the right. This circling continued and broadened to the entire body and then came back into the groin for the final push. Won't bore with all 18 or so of them but they started everywhere; in each shoulder, once they started with all toes wiggling, another in the penis, scrotum, leg pulls and about every other body part and all were fantastic!

    The variation of each was exciting and the time flew. My wife was in on a couple but never provided any mental stimulation as we usually do since I communicated the process. She too found them amazing. She can also see the physical beneifts the device has brought in three months and that's the most important benefit it offers.

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    This may be encouragement for those struggling. After the described session was one of "the best" the next with similar approach was not much. Why? Mental state I would say. Too much on the mind, unable to just "be" makes a world of difference. Plus caffeine will serve to enlarge the prostate and take away a bit of the pleasure.

    Last time it was like the thing was sitting deep inside feeling great, moved up a bit and the thought was it can't get any better than this and then the near release feeling came meaning it's going to change and go some more and it moved even deeper (as unbelievable as it seemed) what seemed to be an inch deeper. Then chills started throughout the body. I was like WOW where am I going? Yowoooooooooo!!!! Nearly wimpering let me down.

    This time it was like it moved a little and the thought was "big deal," it just wasn't there. happens......don't give up and get stressed out about it not happening. The more you want it the less likely it is to happen. Seems crazy but true.