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Prostate Health
  • daddeodaddeo
    Posts: 41
    I'm 48.
    The three times I've had the dreaded, uncomfortable prostate exam, I've been told that I have an enlarged prostate.
    No real problem, but just for my information.
    I know of several men who have had to deal with prostate cancer.
    I've not thought a lot about this, but I wonder...
    Is part of the prostate problem (enlargement, cancer, health problem) due to the semen that is produced but not discharged over months and years and decades? (what a technical way to put it)
    I know if I've not had an orgasm in several days, I feel pain.
    From what I've read on the forums, and experienced myself, my orgasms when masturbating with the aneros produce lots more cum than I would ever have otherwise.
    Am I correct in assuming that this, over time, will improve the overall health of a man's prostate?
    I've heard it said that men who have orgasms regularly are more healthy than those who don't.
    Anyone have a take on this?
    It would just make the aneros experience even better -- knowing that present and long-term prostate health is being enhanced by your product and its regular use.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    With respect to prostate cancer and regular ejaculation, the verdict is still out on this one. However in one Australian study done in 2003, it was found that men who reported ejaculating 5 or more time per week when they were in their 20's were one third less likely to develop prostate cancer later in life. It was also significant for men between the ages of 30 and 50 (but less than in the younger group).

    What does this mean? If you're to believe this study....start pounding off early and never stop! This gives new meaning to that old adage of use it or lose it!

    Now with respect to the Aneros, although there is NO study that has been done on this, one might argue that the Aneros is capable of producing a more intense and voluminous, more hearty ejaculation. Who knows! Maybe we can enlist some users in the forum to check this one out.

    In terms of the impact of ejaculation on general health, frankly it depends on who you're talking to. A good number of holistic practicioners would tell you that regular ejaculation is essential to well-being. While others (Taoists), believe in the retention of ejaculate as a means of conserving ones life-force. Allopathic or traditional medicine has been all over the board on this one. In the first part of the twentieth century they were, for the most part, in favor of regular ejaculation...even to the extent of offering prostate massage as the principle source of treatment for prostatitis....with the advent of antibiotics, this fell into disfavor in the 50's. Recently, it seems that there is some attention once again toward encouraging regular ejaculation (and even prostate massage in some cases).

    Different cultures have different ideas on this as well. As you may know, the Japanese and other Eastern societies have centuries old traditions regarding regular ejaculation as a means of maintaining health.

    BF Mayfield