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can the Aneros be dangerous?
  • egon1138egon1138
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    I;m a 29 yr old male who recently recieved the Aneros as a gift from my girlfriend..she's open to exploring our sexuality and thought it sounded interesting.
    Anyway, I tried it out on my own first... admittedly I was a little rough on myself and did not follow the directions completely. I sat in a chair looking at erotic imagery and thus the Aneros was applied a little roughly on my prostate and bladder. I did lean back to give The Aneros some space to work with my rectal contractions and this felt quite good. At the time of my orgasm though, I was sitting, and The Aneros was firmly pressed against my prostate for a moment. the orgasm was good, and felt slightly stronger than normal. The next night was when the troubles started. I felt a dull pain in my groin, and felt the need to urinate more frequently. It went away in the morning but would return, often painfully, at night. It didn't hurt to urinate, but my penis felt inflammed and irritated. Worried, I consulted my doctor and was told that I somehow inflamed my prostate and penis, and that I should take some advil and it should go away. It took about seven days for things to calm down, the advil helped and I am begining to feel normal again..although I have to keep down on sex for awhile until the inflammation is completey gone. It was quite a scary experience and I hope this thing is gone for good.

    Is it possible that some men have more sensitive prostates than others? I really enjoyed The Aneros, and want to try it again, but I am afraid I will go into another one of these inflammation episodes. Has anyone else had this experience? Perhaps I was too rough on myself.


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    Congrats on the open nature of your relationship but sorry about the first experience. Wish I had discovered it at 29! However, my wife has been a huge supporter and been amazed at its capabilites.

    It would be my opinion that the pressure was too much. Remember you don't need that, especially if you want to experience the best this has to offer. I'd try the laying on the side the next time and your girlfriend can provide some added incentive by providing some visual teasing. Your body will know what it needs and move in the directions to make it happen. Be patient and remember my quote from another post - Feelings + Focus = Frenzy
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,087

    Yes, some men do have more sensitive prostate than others, but it is important for all men to follow some general guidelines with respect to the use of this device, particularly in the case of those who are new to it. First, and foremost, as another user has already pointed out, it is essential that you go slow and easy in your first sessions with the Aneros, staying with gentle and subtle contractions initially. Although stonger contractions may feel good they can lead to desensitizing the prostate (numbing it) such that you require stronger and stronger stimulation to maintain the same level of feeling (a negative feedback loop). In this instance one can actually go over-board without realizing it. While you're becoming accustomed to the Aneros you might want to consider restricting your sessions to no more than an hour in duration as well.

    Lastly, using the Aneros while seated (in a chair) is not the method of choice for the newbie and for that matter most users. If anything, it's more of an advanced users technique and even then only with a large amount of effort. Some users have ended up sitting on the handle which can result in a dangerous amount of force being delivered to the prostate. In this position the massager is essentially immobile..which is not what you want anyway. Stay with side lying, on your back (knees bent...with a little pelvic elevation...a pillow under your butt can help with this), on all fours or kneeling (with upper body on a bed). All of these a much better and safer positions to try.

    BF Mayfield