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Advice needed...please!
  • cam502cam502
    Posts: 1
    Hi there, i have tried the MGX three times now, within a week, and i have felt absolutely nothing! I have followed the instructions that came with it and tried things from this site, i am beginning to think i don't have a functioning g-spot.Can anyone share more tips with me...please.
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Dear Cam502,

    You are not one of the lucky ones who will be hitting it out of the park right away. No fear, you are in good company. It would appear that there are more men here that are taking the longer route. It has been said before, you need to relax and give it time. There are a ton of postings here that can help you. Start with those above in the sticky threads. It is frustrating at times, but try and have some fun with it and dont give up on it, you will be rewarded in ways that you will not believe.

    Welcome to the fray,

  • mark740mark740
    Posts: 3
    Hey CAM,

    I thought the same thing when I started 6 months ago. I did find my “G-spot” through experimentation and practice. The instructions are good about giving a cookbook approach but when it comes to putting this together you have to try different things.

    I have found the greatest sensations come from the least effort. Reading through the instructions and comparing them to my experience, I find that the slightest movement of the aneros provides the greatest pleasure. Sometimes it bobs, sometimes it moves in and out, and sometimes it does both. The actual travel of the aneros is probably just factions of an inch. It’s not like your bare down with all your might like you were delivering a baby and then suck it up like a shop vac. Instead try slowly inhaling and exhaling using your lower abdomen. Pause slightly as you inhale and just before you exhale. Make mental notes of these feelings as you breath. I find this type of controlled breathing will help relax your muscles and provide just enough contraction to help identify the pleasurable sensations and locate your G-spot.

    Speaking from my own experience, if your sphincter and anus grab hold with a death grip, I wouldn’t expect much to happen. It’s like you have to focus on these muscles and become aware of what they are doing such that the aneros has freedom to move. When the aneros is free to move these muscles have a mind of their own and will spasm and contract on their own with just the slightest contraction.

    You’re probably considering modifying, bending, or cutting on your aneros or possibly convinced that you bought the wrong model. Before you do anything, work with it a bit and become more aware what your muscles are doing and what your body and mind are telling you. I bet you will find your sweet spot.

    Good luck