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My experiences so far...
  • GibletsGiblets
    Posts: 1
    I've had the Helix for about 2 or 3 months now. I've read the forums a fair bit but not posted until now. The first time I used the helix I experienced some nice feelings but nothing special. Every session since I have experienced something new and it's getting better and better. I thought I make a thread about the things I've discovered.

    Firstly I was using a pretty standard lube, quite thin. I used this for about a month and I thought it was great at the time until I changed to a thicker lube when the other one ran out. The difference was really amazing. It's like before I wasn't feeling subtle movements but now I could. Think the new one is called "Anal Joy". Cheesey name but it works for me.

    Secondly the thing that counted for me most was concentration and surroundings, I'll expand: Currently I live in a built up area, noisy, high light pollution, you can hear neighbours through walls etc etc. I was getting somewhere with the helix at this location (college) but it was when I went back home that I noticed the difference.
    I was home, I didn't have the aneros with me, and I hadn't masturbated for about 5 or 6 days. I was lying on my right side, legs fully stretched out. I thought I'd try contracting and after a few mins I had discovered something interesting. This may be hard to explain. (Remember I don't have an aneros in at the moment) I was contracting my anal sphincter at about 30% and holding it constant. Then I would slowly build up the contraction strength of the other sphincter (i.e. penile, the one used to stop pissing). I don't even know if there are two separate sphincters, this is just the best way I can describe it :D Anyway, after a while I felt something I hadn't before, I was twitching and contracting more than ever before. Also I felt a vague feeling or ejaculating straight away, right on the tip of the penis. Odd but really nice.

    I held this and drifted off thinking of women in bikinis etc and after what seemed like 20 mins (was actually around and hour and a half) and eventually I thought "hang on, this feels like I'm going to come" And waves of contractions built up in my penis until I was having the same contractions and you would when actually coming but with no liquid. The contractions were much slower though. I then rested and tried again, eventually building to the same thing, this time however the contrations were much longer (around 3 or 4 seconds each)with some pre-cum and my penis was the hardest it was ever been, it felt ready to explode :D Awesome experience, I then masturbated using the same contrations and had an amazing normal orgasm.

    Cheifly I used this session to learn about contrations and now I can use the same techniques with my helix (I'll try in a few days when I have access to it again) It also reminded me of lucid dreaming. When you feel you are about to come it reminded me of realising one is awake in a dream and it can break your concentration easily, but I just relaxed and went with it. I summary I held my anus at completely constant contraction and varied the penile contraction up and down (trial and error) until it started twitching, then i held it there.

    Surroundings-wise back home I live in the countryside with no noise at night, pitch dark, silence. I could really concentrate and not be distrubed at all.

    Was this just a dry orgasm I had? It was much slower that a normal orgasm contraction-wise. I was getting some feelings in my anus/rectum but not the same level of sensations as when using the helix. I also felt my abs contracting, when I did contract them it was almost like I was getting a better "purchase" on something, I don't know whether the abs contractions were voluntary or not, hard to tell. I can't wait to try the new things I've learnt WITH the helix in. Should be awesome :D

    Sorry about the length :D I kept remembering bits and I'm sure i've left some out. I've probably not explained it very well either :)
  • charliecharlie
    Posts: 124
    Hey Giblets,
    You most certainly experienced an Aneros-free Super-O. Congratulations on your experience and best wishes as you proceed on your journey.