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Experts, please comment
  • jazjaz
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    (this post was edited 2006-06-06 16:56:43)

    I'm an MDX user for ~ five months. I usually try the relaxation / do nothing method it brings me to the point of involuntary contractions (a series). Meaning the first group of contractions can happen and are strong enough to tense my whole body each pulse. I do my best to keep them going. They will subside and a few minutes later another group. I even feel a "mind connection" with the event meaning an altered state. However, no orgasmic pleasure. My question is...Has this been the experience of other users in their progression toward an orgasm and an orgasm has since been achieved? Please describe. I can also generate the involuntaries without using the MDX. My sessions are usually two weeks apart and are like the Super O others describe in this forum, less the pleasure with each contraction. I've tried deep breathing, panting, and other methods...just not there yet. Thanks.
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    Yeah, same problem here. Contractions and convulsions, yet no pleasure. I think if you read the forum, you will find many cases such as ourselves. Still, I have found no specific "key" that will trigger the super O, other than to be patient and keep trying. Any position, technique, visual stimuli etc. that feels good- just go with it. That seems to be the best advice that I can gather from these posts...
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    May depend on the definition of pleasure. Sounds like you're close! Sometimes it seems to me that there can be as many as three to four levels and you could be in the first or second. You might find someone or something for additional mental stimulation, for some it seems the nipple play can help take it up a notch from here.