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Not sure where to ask this question?
  • bestia_78bestia_78
    Posts: 1
    well this is my first post on the site and I must say I've read a few of the different posts and this thing sounds amazing.

    Now on with my question, first of all I have experimented with anal stimulation (fingers,dildo,vibrator) but have never experienced the type of orgasm that you all talk about. When I use my dildo and masterbate I don't cum as much as I do without the dildo inserted, is this the case with the aneros? and why does this happen?

    Also from what I gather from most other members is that masterbating isn't necessary while using the aneros, is this the case with a regular dildo aswell?

    hopefully someone can help me out because I hope to achieve the SUPER O someday soon :)
  • Edit
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    My first super-O was with a vibrator. Don't need an aneros necessarily. Then I used a dildo the next day. The only difference with aneros is the shape, which you can find vibrators with the same shape. Also, you don't cum as much because it puts pressure against the urethra, which stops some of the flow of fluid.