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Need help from experienced users -Please!!!
  • lostlost
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    Well it has been months now, with multiple tries each week and still waiting.....I need some advice Please!!!

    As I said I use the Aneros, Helix, frequently and I have gotten to the point where I can easily locate my prostate and start off the process of moving the aneros about to create, what feels like a, build up to something. Almost always there will be variations of full body convuslsions, as if I were shivering from cold, and slight twitches in my lower abdominal muscles and then nothing. It stops just there and the only thing I can liken this with is perhaps about to have an orgasm and as the sensations start and just before climaxing it just stops or stays there and goes no further.

    I have read people mentioning that the convulsions were, what they thought to be, the point of the so called super o, is it?
    If it is I must say that I am slightly dissapointed. Although this stage is pleasurable it is only so much as thinking it is going somewhere and it never does.

    Please help!!! I want to know if there is more pleasure to be expected or is this it and secondly if it is indeed just a milestone on the way to a super o would you give me some advice on just how to get pass this point and actually reach the point where I am satisfied, where I know I have climaxed without a doubt.

    Kind Regards
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    That's all there is to it. It is pleasurable in a different sense and not so much a sense of release of tension. Just more of a full body awareness/awakening, and a new level of ecstacy. But there is no actual release. Notice how everyone who has experienced this will eventually masturbate manually after their "super-O". That is because you need a release. But try masturbating during the body spasms, now that is powerful!
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    Dear lost,

    I can tell you that what you are experiencing so far is definitely not all there is to it. Don't be discouraged. There is so much more to it. When you have the orgasms you will definitely know it. Hang in there. I've had the aneros for a few years now and in the first year or so I had little success with it, but in the more recent past I've had some amazing orgasms with it. Multiple Super O's that are so good it's mind blowing. Here is the thing - you have to be patient and be willing to try it every now and again. Your body will sometimes be in the space where you can more easily achieve these types of orgasms, but it won't happen all the time. Sometimes my body just won't respond to it. One thing I find is that I have to be *extremely* turned on and in the mood sexually, almost as though I can feel the orgasm wanting to happen on it's own. That is the time when the aneros can work most easily for me. Whenever you are feeling particularly "horny" and aroused naturally is a great time to use the aneros. Just putting it in and deciding with your brain that you would like to have orgasms is usually not what does it in my experience. Not that it can't happen that way, I just find that you really do have to be aroused and in the mood.

    Remember to be gentle with yourself and be patient. Trying to "make it happen" is usually the thing that chases it away. Let the experience come to you. I really think if you give it some time and continue to experiment you will find some new and exciting feelings surface that can lead to these hands free dry orgasms that can be very intense. I recently reached new heights with orgasms using the aneros this past week. It had been a while since I'd used the aneros. Sometimes I try different techniques or just get away from using it for a while, but I was feeling particularly sexually aroused and decided to give it a try again. I started my session with the classic model I've had for years and had some great orgasms build with that one. Then I switched to the new Helix during the session and that one really sent me into ecstasy. The waves of orgasms got so intense I started whimpering with every breath I took. It lasted for several minutes and the orgasms would come back again and again. This went on for hours. It's so amazing what our bodies are capable of. And remember that for a couple of years I had little happen if anything with the aneros. So there is more than hope! Let it be a tool for you to use when your body is in the mood for this experience. The Aneros coupled with using some of the techniques from the site has really brought me to some incredible orgasms that I only experienced in small doses before. These types of multiple non-ejaculatory orgasms do not always happen for me even though I'd like them to, but they do happen every few months or so. Sometimes I don't feel them at all when trying the aneros and experience only the things you mentioned in your post...but be patient and keep playing. They are worth the wait!

    All the best to you. : )