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Finally made it
  • Today I finally experienced the big O.

    I have had the MGX for well over a year, and the Helix right after it came out. I have come close and felt all the right contractions and the rest of the signatures that something should be happening, but my mind would take over and I wouldn't let things happen.

    Well today I tried something different and it worked like a champ.

    This is going to sound strange, but it worked for me.

    I decided that since my PC muscles are strong enough to crack walnuts after over a year of trying that I would have to do something that would fatigue them to let the big O happen, so I decided to hang something from the curly tail of the MGX. The only thing I had in my hotel room was a medium to small digital camera. Well it hung about 8-10 inches down so if I kneeled on the bed it wouldn't have much effect. So I knelt so that my ass hung over the edge of the bed and the camera hung below the edge.

    This did two things right away, by pulling down it forced the abutment tab deeper by a little and the weight was forcing me to pull up with more force or it would fall out. Not a lot mind you, but enough to where I would have to go to about 50-60% contraction. After about five minutes the muscles were giving way to contractions and I finally started feeling my prostrate getting a constant light thumping.

    After five more minutes I couldn't control the lower body shaking. The bed was slamming into the wall from my uncontrolled maneuvers. This shaking just kept it going even faster. No the camera was bobbing at the end of the cord and it really was causing the abutment tab and the prostate hits going stronger.

    Then POW. Big O. I didn't black out or anything, but I did see some stars. Phenominal is all I can say. After over 18 months I finally got it.

    One thing though, it wasn't a dry orgasm. I blew about a third of a load all over the bed. Nothing I could do about it. Probably because I had about two weeks away from the wife and I a lot built up.

    I hope this technique helps someone out. I have tried just about every other technique described on this website, and I don't think I have seen anyone try it this way.

    Take care
  • luvinanerosluvinaneros
    Posts: 147
    I am very happy that you "finally made it" it is a wonderful experience. I have not heard of this technique I am looking forward to trying it this weekend. Once again congratulations.

  • Edit
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    Hey, I tried the hanging digital camera and found it definately helpful. Thanks for the input. No Super O, but that's because that was because a time contraint. Wife and kids are out of town this weekend, so I have some time to experiment.

    Anyway, this time I'm using a water bottle dumped out to obtain that 'magical' weight with a rubber band twisted into the cap as a sling. Double looping the rubber band definately helps to keep it from slipping off the handle.

    I did have a problem with the abutment tab slipping off the spot and the Aneros twisting sideways. This was when I had too much water in the water bottle, so there is definately a 'perfect' weight.

    Another thought: What if one tied a string of rubber bands together and looped one around the handle and the other end accross the room to something? Pose in the doggie position and inch yourself accross the room on your hands and knees until the perfect distance was achieved. You couldn't pump your hips, because that would cause over-stimulation.....I'm going to stick with the dangling weight.