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Finally Wow!
  • ljwljw
    Posts: 1
    After months of trying, thinking it would never happen, that it was all finally happend by using a device similar to the Aneros with a 4 speed vibration, on the lowest setting, just enough to tickle the insides, I laid there and forgot about everything. After an hour I began to just relax and enjoy the sensations coming from my rectum. Then after another 20 minutes, I began having small spasms in my legs and body that would shoot and stop intstantly. Then after another 10 minutes, my body began to shake and stop, like shivers without being cold. Then another 5 minutes and I felt like my body was building up for some kind of release, then BAM! My whole body started spasming and shaking violently. I spasmed for about 1 minute, then it subsided. Then it started again more intensely, then stopped. Then started and built up again for the most intense shaking. It lasted about 10 minutes and then I just masturbated until ejaculation with the body spasms. It took a lot of patience, but I just watched TV lying there. The second hour I bent my legs the way most people seem to suggest, which helps the process for some reason. Knees up about 1-2 feet apart, feet farther apart flat on the bed. I am writing this 15 minutes after it happened because I have been experimenting with this and researching this for a long time...while reading this website. Like everyone else who has experienced this says, you have to not try, and just be there relaxing and enjoying the sensations of the stimulation, eventually it will happen. Took me about 2 hours, but I just did it watching a movie. When it started to build, I knew I had reached the ultimate goal, and shut off the TV to be in darkness and silence for this experience. WOW! I wonder if the Aneros can do that as intensely as the vibrator did. GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL!
  • Edit
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    Yes, low vibrations...

    This may sound weird...try using the power razors...detach the blades of course. :)

    I put the aneros in...put 1, or 2, or 3 of the vibrating handles between my legs touching the outer parts of the aneros...and I get the super O within 5-10 minutes. I was using vibrating sex toys...but the more subtle the vibrations, the better.

    I'd love to get the super O's with just the aneros. I'm sure I will eventually. But nothing happening without some vibrations as of yet
  • Edit
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    Yeah, the low vibrations on my device works well at level 1. But I was able to continue the super O this morning again with it off. I first built up to it in 15 minutes with vibration, then turned it off becauase the super O seems to be driven by contracting around the device once you are there. I was able to do that multiple times this morning since I was still feeling the effects of the experience from the night. You may as well get a vibrating bullet to attach to your aneros. My device is a curved vibe, so it's a full feeling like aneros, but it hits exactly where it needs to.