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Breathing? On the right track?
  • WillyNillyWillyNilly
    Posts: 1
    I recently purchased an Aneros and have used it about 5 times. No SuperO yet and don’t expect it to happen right away, but I have had some very pleasurable sensations. Prior to the Aneros I have been into anal stimulation; it feels great, but have noticed that it diminishes or maybe causes me to not focus on my orgasms as much. At any rate the whole idea of the Aneros seems to be amazing and I look forward to bringing myself to orgasm with it.

    I think what I need to do is incorporate my breathing better into the process. I get to the point where I’m having the anal twitching but it’s not leading anywhere, although the feelings are pretty wild. I achieve the twitching by contracting my anus to about 75% to 85%. The problem is I have to let go after about 3 minutes due to fatigue. My anus and penis begin twitching and sometimes my lower body begins to convulse. Am I on the right track here? As I said I’m only focusing on my breathing minimally, slow breathes pushing into my diagram. However the breathes are not flowing or really synchronous with the anal contractions. I’m still a little gray on how the breathing should go. What are some of the keys here? Btw, I started doing kegel exercises about 3 weeks ago; I’m assuming this should enhance the orgasm.

    I did have any interesting experience last night. Per the suggestion of some of the posters I slept some with the Aneros inserted. I woke up after about 2 or 3 hours and had the most intense feeling since I started using it – I could really feel Aneros massaging my prostate and it was very sensitive and receptive to the massage. I tried to concentrate on the feeling and began holding my anal contractions for as long as I could. I started out with a fairly strong contraction, lightening it up while still maintaining. It definitely seemed to be leading somewhere as my lower body started shaking with the feeling in my anus becoming more intense, like it was leading to a release. Unfortunately I had to stop as I didn’t want to wake my wife. I then proceeded to the living room but at that point I wasn’t able to conjure up much. I ended up coming via penile stimulation and anal contractions/twitching which lead to a very unique orgasm.

    It almost seems like a Zen sort of thing where you achieve something by not focusing on the result. This whole process also seems similar to Kundalini yoga and the release of the Kundalini which apparently shares some similarities with the SuperO in that the release comes in waves and is probably situated around the same chakra. Anyone care to share their thoughts on this.

    Another interesting point is that although the SuperO seems to involve the nervous system it apparently doesn’t leave you as drained as a traditional ejaculatory orgasm as you feel more rejuvenated. The Ayurveda does not recommend semen release in later life as it is said to reduce life force. Ejaculation does seem to weaken the body or at least vitality (for a short period right after); thus, the emphasis not to expel semen prior to participating in intensive physical sports.

    I’m looking forward to expanding my pleasurable horizons. Any input would be greatly appreciated.