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whish i was gay free lubes uk
  • telwesttelwest
    Posts: 14
    my mate told me he gets free lube & condoms from a yorkshire gay help site also there is one in scotland.
    but being married dont want lubes & condoms hiting the post box.
    alas it costs me a fortune for ky jelly

    but if it prevents hiv tis a small price to pay

    been 4 months 9 100ml tubes of ky nearly there

    3 near a super o i think pc muscles & anal muscles are dancing&throbbing
    6 hrs & counting also a strange wanting to contract & hold sensation

    my wife keeps asking why the glazed look ?

    feels as though i still have my maximus inserted
  • rorymusclerorymuscle
    Posts: 74
    This thread really made me laugh! I take it your wife doesn't know of your Aneros antics!

    If you go to any gay club, sauna, bar, or any STD clinic, you'll usually find free condoms and lube somewhere around. The lube usually comes in little sachets, probably enough for one Aneros session.

    If you're serious and want to find the nearest gay sauna/pub/club where they might have free lube, you can go to, but be warned it's a site for gay men who want to meet and cruise, so be careful of trails left on your browser!
  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    very poetic... haiku like stream of consciousness!