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Four months on
  • oxooxo
    Posts: 7
    I’ve been going to write this post for a few weeks now but postponed it because each aneros session has moved me further down the road. I came across this site by accident Googling for prostate heath and cancer. My father has had prostate cancer for several years and was seeking information on prostate health. I had always associated the prostate with old men and lack of bladder control – how wrong was I? I found the claims on this site amazing and spent hours reading the many posts. So with little persuasion, I took the plunge and purchased a Helix. My wife went off sex years ago, so for a 53 year old horny male, this toy could be the answer to my frustrations without seeking new pastures. I did more research and came to the conclusion that well developed PC muscles, relaxation and focus were important in pursuit of the super ‘O’. Before I Helix arrived I started doing exercises to develop my PC muscles and listening to erotic hypnosis mp3’s.

    My Helix arrived and it took a few sessions before I started to get involuntary contractions and pleasurable sensations. I think I must be fortunate because I don’t get any discharges apart from when I finish my self off by hand. I restrict my sessions to no more than two or three a week. I’ve had some great sessions but no super ‘0’ as described in the forum.

    What I have found amazing is the ‘after shocks’ which occur up to hours and days after. The dry organisms I’ve experienced have been for more intense than with the aneros in! These first started about five weeks in. Early in the morning I woke up, contracted my PC muscle and a wave of pleasure swept through my body, contractions started near the base of my penis and became stronger and stronger. I penis felt like is was going to keep on going and explode. My penis felt it was more than 12” but when I touched it, it was only 6”. The orgasm was more intense than any traditional orgasm I had ever experience before. The contractions died away and within seconds stated again. This happened three times; I felt I was in heaven. The next day I tried to replicate this without success. However, it happened several times until last weekend when it went to a new level. For a period of 24 hours all I had to do was think of a bare breast and contractions would start. I must have had at least 40 intense dry hands free orgasms, most coming in multiples. Writing this post now I can feel waves in my lower abdomen, I think I’m go for a lie down! If it gets much worse (better!), I can see myself going to the doctors and saying I can’t stop getting orgasms!

    With me, it seems that the aneros acts like a battery charger, and at the same time is rewiring my nervous system up my back passage and prostate. New sensations seem to appear after every session.

    A big thank you to all the experts, especially the grand master, BF Mayfield whose posts have provided a clear path to ecstasy.

  • charliecharlie
    Posts: 124
    Hello oxo,

    Congratulations! I started my journey about a month before you and concur that relaxation, focus and well defined PC muscles are the key to success. Like you, I have experienced another recent re-wiring episode which has taken me to a higher level of intensity. I second your assessment that the advice and experiences shared by the members of this forum has been invaluable. Take care.

  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    Relaxation and just enjoyment of the sensations is key. Muscle contractions for the enjoyment of the feeling instead of doing them while concentrating on the goal will kill it.