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Disapointed, Frustrated :-(
  • qwer1234qwer1234
    Posts: 21
    Hi Folks,
    Just thought I'd share some thoughts and look for some answers as to what I might be doing wrong...
    I've had the Aneros for over 6 months now, still no luck, but I suppose some progress. I've been following and reading this forum and trying to utilize the advice herein. I am supremely jealous of those who seem to get results within the first 5-10 sessions. I'm really getting pretty bored with the whole process (prep, lube, breathing, relaxing, cleanup etc...) Time consuming to say the least, when I could be reading a book or learning an instument. I've gotten to a point that my whole body will be wracked with shuddering convulsions, and through ALOT of concentration, I can coordinate my breathing to get a cycle of involuntaries looping continuously for quite some time. Still, if I lose concentration or focus, I lose the in/out contracting that goes on. The tension seems to build up, but finally, my muscles give out and let go of the Aneros. Either way I have absolutley NO orgasmic/pleasurable/sensuous feelings whatsoever...It just still feels like there's a piece of plastic stuck up my butt. I really think that whatever the Aneros is supposed to stimulate, it just AIN'T HITTIN' IT :( Truly, I'm at a loss as to what to do next, continue on the same route? I've tried every position and technique and reccomendation advertised in this forum, to no avail. For people who took a very long time to acheive any results, what did you do that helped the most? Any advice or commiseration would be most appreciated. Thanks...
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Dear qwer1234,

    I needed to refer back to my blog to refresh my memory, but it said that it was over 7 months before I started to feel much with the Aneros. I can only assume that since you are having some convulsions, that you are on the right path. Your body would not act like that if you were not on to something. The human body is a funny thing, isnt it? I know you dont want to hear it, but that path is longer for some than others. I am the poster child for that. I know that prep and clean up is a drag, but I think that once you round the next corner, it will be worth it for you. Hang in there for a while and I am sure you will see enough results to make you want to keep going.

    Good Luck,

  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    Yes, of course I will keep trying!
    Only the testimonials of the other sucessful users here keep me motivated.
    I guess when you think about it, many women often take YEARS to get in touch with their bodies and find the right mindset in order orgasm during sex and/or masturbation. When I think of it in those terms, it helps to keep it in perspective... I think I just needed to whine a little bit and get some feedback from the forum, ha ha ha.
  • agentgreyagentgrey
    Posts: 21
    If you're not even feeling anything pleasurable during your sessions, I'd advise you to forget about finding the right technique for now. (FWIW, the only position that really works for me is on my back with my knees and feet drawn up towards my torso).

    Do you watch/read porn while using the Aneros? Making sure you are aroused is key, so perhaps you could use the Aneros while you watch porn and jerk off. Having an erection could help you find the right feelings/place, and then you will know what to look for when you use the Aneros "hands-free." Try getting yourself to the point where you're close to climax, and then back off, then repeat. While you're hard, practice with some different contractions and see if you can discover anything that feels good. For me it feels like something is rubbing a sensitive spot on the base of the penis, deeper inside the body.

    BTW, I have not reached the super-O yet myself, but I've been able to reach some amazing sensations after more than a year of experimenting. Good luck!
  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    Just watch porn with it in and discipline yourelf not to jack off during the movie. That's what I did, the visual stimulation helps keep you aroused and helps the journey. Basically, watch porn with the aneros in and forget about the aneros.
    After months of trying, thinking it would never happen, that it was all finally happend by using a device similar to the Aneros with a 4 speed vibration, on the lowest setting, just enough to tickle the insides, I laid there and forgot about everything. After an hour I began to just relax and enjoy the sensations coming from my rectum. Then after another 20 minutes, I began having small spasms in my legs and body that would shoot and stop intstantly. Then after another 10 minutes, my body began to shake and stop, like shivers without being cold. Then another 5 minutes and I felt like my body was building up for some kind of release, then BAM! My whole body started spasming and shaking violently. I spasmed for about 1 minute, then it subsided. Then it started again more intensely, then stopped. Then started and built up again for the most intense shaking. It lasted about 10 minutes and then I just masturbated until ejaculation with the body spasms. It took a lot of patience, but I just watched TV lying there. The second hour I bent my legs the way most people seem to suggest, which helps the process for some reason. Knees up about 1-2 feet apart, feet farther apart flat on the bed. I am writing this 15 minutes after it happened because I have been experimenting with this and researching this for a long time...while reading this website. Like everyone else who has experienced this says, you have to not try, and just be there relaxing and enjoying the sensations of the stimulation, eventually it will happen. Took me about 2 hours, but I just did it watching a movie. When it started to build, I knew I had reached the ultimate goal, and shut off the TV to be in darkness and silence for this experience. WOW! I wonder if the Aneros can do that as intensely as the vibrator did. GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL!