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Getting the hang of this
  • mark740mark740
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    I have been using my helix for about 5 months now and get great pleasure from each session. I would have to say that my enjoyment has grown and developed with each use. Like a lot of users I keep trying new things, reading the forums and learning from the experience.

    I find that deep breathing, holding your breath and slow exhaling works best to trigger the twitching, and gentle massage action. As I relax more through these breathing exercises the pleasure increases. I have read about and frequently experience the helix literally dancing around and moving in and out, seemingly by itself. I used to think I didn’t have a g-spot but I know now when things are right, when the abutment tab hits the spot, when the just right amount of constant pressure is applied and when the helix is gently stroking in and out that the pleasure is intense. But still no “Super O”. I find that getting everything going is difficult and sometimes hard to achieve consistently.

    On several occasions I have stumbled across that intense feeling in my lower abdomen between my belly button and the base of my penis but can’t seem to consistently get that point or past it. I keep on trying to focus on this area during my sessions and have been trying different breathing patterns, different contractions, different positions, different …etc. It is almost like mentally trying pulling the pleasure to this area.

    The “stop peeing contraction” if you want to call it that does seem to move the pleasure to this area but seems to dampen the mobility of the helix and eventually ends the pleasure. I think this is also referred to a PC contraction.

    Is there such a thing as a “light PC contraction” or a partial contraction? Is this a function of developing better muscle control?

    Do you find that this contraction is something that you induced and then becomes involuntary?

    Is this contraction something that is held, and maintained at a constant pressure? Or is it rhythmic similar to the in and out movement of the aneros?

    I find that in order for me to get the g-spot working that this requires what seems to be very light contraction of the sphincter almost like your breathing in through your ass. In the instructions it says that stronger contractions are more likely to cause prostate orgasms. A strong contraction for me dampens the movement, and ends the pleasure. What is your experience?

    I don’t want you to think that I am writing a recipe or doing a scientific study. I am however becoming more aware of what is going on and discovering new and pleasurable feelings that I have not felt before.

    Just another note, there have been several post regarding “post session after glow”. I too experience pulsing, involuntary contractions, and pleasure; sometimes into the next day after a good session. It not uncommon to be sitting at the office or driving in the car and have the involuntary contractions kick in. I don’t know if it is a bad thing but it does feel good.


  • Edit
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    Sounds like you are definitely on your way! Everything you said is what I have been through. It took me 5 months also, and it felt better each time. With each session I learned more about my muscles and the different types of contractions. The breathing analogy you use is exactly what I do. Then relax. Do those and let go for a bit enjoying the heightened sensations. Keep your knees bent and feet apart. Something that helped me was propping my head up on a pillow, like watching TV in bed...knees bent. The main key is not to think. Just enjoy the journey, but distract yourself by watching a porno or something. That's what I did the first time. It took my 2 hours of relaxing and slight PC contractions, and some sphincter contractions, but not strong ones...that kills the feeling like you said. Then the next morning I was able to achieve it in 15 minutes because of the leftover effects from the night before. Good luck