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Advice about Maximus (still kinda dazed)
  • sb2003sb2003
    Posts: 1
    This is my second aneros purchase (Maximus). The first one (SGX) got thrown away because it really didn't impress me, and I spent alot more time trying to get it to work. This one seems to go in alot easier, and alot less of a hassle making things happen. Anyway, I had the most unsual/interesting experience last night. After drinking 3 beers, and checking out some porn last night I headed to the bedroom. I inserted the Maximus, and just watched some tv on my side. I was tired last night so I fell asleep. Around 2:15 I woke up suddenly because my left arm felt totally numb, and I moved my body to my right, because I thought I was laying on it but I wasn't. It felt almost like I was in between an awake/sleep state. So, I look down at myself and I think about an ounce or more of precum just came pouring out of my penis, and instead of my arm being numb it became tingly. Now, I am laying on my back and kinda riding this small wave trying to arch my self to catch that feeling again. So, it's all kind of a confused wonderfullness. Advice: In my opinion, if you don't expect anything sometimes you get everything. I don't think that was the Super O., but beleive me when I say if that was a glimpse of it. The other side must be heaven.-)
  • ClawClaw
    Posts: 4
    Damn...I'm jealous!

    I bought my first aneros yesterday, I don't know if it's for real yet (there are so many duff sex-toys) but I'm hoping that it really does work like you say it does.