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Lube and funtionality/success
  • saibotsaibot
    Posts: 5
    Vaseline...good or bad? What lube is best and does it make that much of a diff.? I have had the aneros for some time with no success...wondering if this is the reason?
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Dear saibot,

    I have read your last couple of posts with interest because you have been at it a while with no success in achieving the Super O. Are you experiencing any pleasure in this at all? It sounds as though your sessions are completely uneventful.

    As far as your question about vaseline, I have been using it almost exclusively lately and am impressed with it. I have even been able to get away with not having to insert any additional lube which is a definate time saver. The vaseline seems to last as long as I need it to and I have been having some good sessions with it. Still have not had the Super O, but good sessions.

    Keep the faith,

  • agentgreyagentgrey
    Posts: 21
    Just posted in a different thread, but since it's relevant here... lately I've been very happy using a cream/lotion-type lube called "Elbow Grease." Its main ingredients are water and mineral oil. It's marketed as a masturbatory cream (it's definitely NOT condom-safe), but I find that it doesn't bother my bowels or leak out like liquid lubes. My sessions usually go for 60-90 minutes and it lasts that long with no problem.