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First Time Thoughts To Share
  • Wow some invention,

    I just got my Aneros MRX in yesterdays mail. I read about it via a link in wikipedia a while back. Sounded very interesting. Gotta love the wiki!
    Just ran into that link again and hell why not. Long and short of it gay 45 year-old male here more a top than a bottom. We are all different it's a curse and a blessing but I been multiorgasmic since I discovered wanking. Were I straight some woman would be really happy. Naw does not always happen that way always but I do get good deep ones that curl the toes and make me huff like a horse topping or bottoming. Some of the better ones were when I was doing ridem cowboy on a partner with adverage to small size endoment. Funny too because sitting on top is the only way I can enjoy being topped without it hurting. Have squirted the wall a few times doing that.

    Anyway looking at the design of the Aneros I got thinking that it seems to do a lot of that and has that litte tab in the same place I tend to poke the fingers right behind the scrotum.

    Quite an interesting experience used it twice today. Not too much trouble getting it in tried it first with the reccomended lube and later with my all around favorite Wet Platinum. Much better results with the WP. Still the little epensive plastic thing that looks like that thing Prince used as his name at one point really is something. Went in easier than I thought and did work its way into place althought was easier the second time. No question I felt the waves going on in there like the thing was running on cosmic energy. Ok both times was totally motivated to crank one out was pretty awsome each time. Did get a little weak in the knees and felt time warp a little when I was standing with it in. I'm sure I'll try laying back and dripping for the big "O" soon and see. Can see how it could be really different. I never was a big dripper so just that would cool regardless.

    I'm going to talk this thing up to my friends. Will be great to share the experience with the right guy.