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A couple of questions from a new user.
  • Hi all,

    I've owned the MGX for a while now it was originally bought for me by a friend as a bit of a joke after a conversation with him about anal play (I was introduced to this by a girlfriend a few years back and found that I liked it very much). I did try the MGX without much success and didn't really understand the potential until I found it at the back of a cupboard a few weeks ago and decided to do some research on the net.

    My questions:

    1) While I have experienced some enjoyable sensations I am yet to experience the Super O mentioned. I have had involuntary spasms which felt exceptionally pleasant, also I have had my entire body shaking like crazy. The problem I then have is that I become so excited that something is happening that I "break the spell". I'm interested in any tecniques or advice from others to stop this from happening.

    2) Since starting to use the aneros "seriously" I have discovered that a heightened sense of awareness of my prostate and the sensations that can be created, for example I can be sat at a train station and suddenly get a "pulsing" there. This has definitely started due to the use of the aneros and can be very pleasurable. My initial concern was that I may have caused myself injury, but this was quickly dismissed as the sensations are far from painful :) Have others experienced this?

    3) When using the aneros I have found that the positions I have had most success with are on my side or on my back with a pillow supporting my buttocks. The only problem this causes is that often my penis becomes erect or semi-erect and the feeling of it moving against my stomach or the towel I use really distract me. Any suggestions as to how to avoid this? I have tried a few other positions that allow me to negate any contact of my penis but these really don't do it for me.

    Apologies for asking any questions that have been answered already but there is such a wealth of information on these forums it would take me a long time to read through every post :)