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Prostate massage, Super-O and memories from rope climbing
  • ianc21ianc21
    Posts: 5
    Hi - I am a new poster and just found this site - I am a 43 year old male who has enjoyed (privately) anal stimulation since I was a teen - usually fingers or small, safe objects - I never revealed this to my wife (or others) who equated any anal interest with being gay - I have always been comfortable with this myself and consider myself hetero - needless to say, anal play either way was not part of our sexual relationship together - this was a disappointment because I was aware of the heightened arousal and somewhat increased intensity of my ejaculation and/or orgasm when I played anally while masturbating - however, I have never experienced through sexual activity what I understand (from reading other posts here) as a Super-O - the descriptions of the whole body sensations experienced during such an orgasm initially seem to be similar to female orgasms that I have witnessed - my own best orgasms to date have typically been penile without any noteworthy sensations elsewhere in my body - also they were of very short duration ( eg. seconds) no matter how long the session was and whether with my wife, other partners or on my own while masturbating

    - this has always been a source of frustration for me since I did enjoy extremely pleasureable and intense, full body "orgasms" as a boy when I was about 7 - 12 years of age - these always came about while innocently climbing rope or the swingset poles at school - I was too young to understand the sexual significance - while the external stimulation was different and I was certainly not physically mature, the resulting sensation seems to be exactly as described on this site - the Orgasm caused me to lose track of time, often lasted several minutes (longer when I learned I could control or extend it), ran through my body from head-to-toe and back again many times but at the same time felt centralized in my chest, never left me feeling spent but actually energized, increased my sense of well-being, didn't result in ejaculation (although i was left with a slight erection and curious wetness for my age - precum?)

    - my question is, have any other males who have achieved Super-O from Aneros prostate massager had similar experience as boys, and could they say that the massager recreates these orgasms from their childhood? - I am definitely going to buy an Aneros for myself in the near future, but I would like to make sure I don't get my hopes up too far

    - thanks to everyone who reads this far especially those with answers
  • luvinanerosluvinaneros
    Posts: 147
    I never experienced any orgasm like the one I have with my aneros. Of course I have not climbed many ropes either. What I can tell you is the super-O is real and reproducible.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,092
    (this post was edited 2006-05-03 23:10:12)


    Check out page 33 of the forum (you'll have to go a ways back) to 7/27/04 for a thread entitled Climbing the Pole (you can also use the forum SEARCH feature as a short cut...with the thread name). There have been several posts over the years on this topic...this one came to mind.

    BF Mayfield
  • ianc21ianc21
    Posts: 5
    Thank you both for your replies - I did have a look at the "Climbing the Pole" thread and my experience as a boy was identical or similar to those described by the other members - I have been curious about prostate massage the past few years since I began to have unexpected and involuntary pleasureable sensations eminating from this area that instantly reminded me of those climbing days - now with some practice I have been able to voluntarily stimulate or "tickle" my prostate (without any insertion or touching of any kind) by relaxation, focus and contraction of the sphincters - when I do it right I can generate the very beginning of that old sensation - unfortunately the sensation remains mild and fleeting - I have not managed to develop a better technique to sustain this tickling and expand the sensation without becoming frustrated - I am hopeful that the Aneros is the device that does the trick and enables me to fully rediscover my body's ability to experience such intense pleasure -

    - I actually went out and bought the Helix yesterday and waited anxiously to try it last night just before going to bed - nice fit, pleasureable feel inside but nothing else to report yet - a slight tickle and pulsing (in time with my heartbeat) in my outer sphincter - couldn't say whether I felt much at the prostate though - I realize I made a few mistakes with insertion (too far in) and placement of the abutment - I was aware my penis became quite erect a few times without any sexual thoughts on my part driving it - just the focus on the slight sensations I was feeling - am I on the right track?

    - I am presently searching through the forum for tips and techniques that will work for me - I have yet to find one that describes the exact anal contractions to perform once the helix is properly inserted - are the contractions alternating push out and pull in, or is it repeated pull in and relax? - any replies will save me from looking at so many previous posts - since I intend to try again tonight I would like to be doing as much right as possible - thanks
  • caltoncalton
    Posts: 111
    ianc21 -

    To get yourself started, click on the 'online instructions' on the Aneros homepage. Once you get a feeling for your Helix and experience it's joys, I would suggest that you look through the various threads/stickies in the Forum to see how you can extend your sensations. Almost all of the issues/questions that you may have, are answered there. In that sense, we have all been where you are and understand that position. Bear in mind that this is a supportive forum and you will find that experienced, knowlegeable advice is but a post away.
    Enjoy your journey - from your post, you already have an awareness of what you are trying to achieve! The Aneros will take you there!

  • ianc21ianc21
    Posts: 5
    I have had some interesting experiences and pleasureable sensations using my aneros - have now had it for 5 days and have used it every night - have not reached a super O or come close but then I haven't had the expectation that it will happen "this" time - I still begin every session with the hope that it might - I have experimented with the different techniques others have used but have not discovered or mastered the means of extending a new pleasureable sensation once first felt - I know my breathing techninque is not what it should be - when I begin to feel something, I seem to lose it in the very next breath - I have experienced most of the feelings or events others have described - tickling, tingling, buzzing of prostate during use and occasionally the day after while sitting at my desk (nice); involuntary but mild anal contractions; automatic movement of aneros in and out; uncontrollable shaking of my body; stuttering or interupted breathing; etc

    - but it seems I am missing out on the sensation I should feel in my perineum since I have not yet found my sweet spot - I have tried placing the tab in a number of different spots - tried it in the centre (like others where it won't stay put), tried it to the left and then to the right - tried it forward and tried it closer to the anus - and I have kept the perineum perfectly dry to prevent it from slipping unnecessarily

    - I have also tried some "modifications" to the tab - I read a post from someone who suggested using the bulb from an eye dropper - it worked nicely extending the length of the tab arm enough to change the angle of attack on the aneros (I have the Helix) - much improved the movement of the aneros on my prostate - I could now feel the shape of the aneros on my prostate as it slid across - I was able to visualize and anticipate when each bump in its profile was going to make contact, if that makes sense - gave me better control over the pleasure I was beginning to feel - however, the bulb itself cushioned the pressure of the tab - I believe it effectively changes the shape creating a spongier, larger more spherical "footprint" instead of a smaller more centred rectangular hard impression - as a result it was difficult to feel anything on the perineum - most of the time I wasn't even sure if the tab was in contact - I searched my house and found very few devices that were useful - I do not want to start bending the abutment arm at this time

    - are there any clip-on attachments for the aneros that extend the length of the tab by 1/8" to 1/4" and retain the shape and size as well - if not available from Aneros, has anyone come up with an inexpensive simple design that can be fashioned from simple and readily available materials or parts - I want to enjoy the angle such an extension provides and at the same time maintain the feel and pressure of the tab - I think this might help me to finally and more easily locate my sweet spot - any help would be appreciated

    btw - while still a novice, I have a suggestion for others - I to found it distracting when I was conscious of my penis as it became erect and sometimes got in the way of assuming certain positions - I am now wearing an athletic support - keeps my penis and testicles contained and out of the way for all positions (except on stomach)- sort of out of sight, out of mind leaving me free to focus on the prostate and perineum - since I have never worn a support previously (except after my vasectomy), I find wearing it to be sexually stimulating adding to the experience of each session