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  • rchgrnrchgrn
    Posts: 1
    Hi, I'm a straight 49 year old male who is happily married. However recently i have experienced problems both with maintaining an erection and also with the quality of my semen. My wife complained that it was getting thinner (clearer) and discouloured. No medical cause, just a by product of getting older according to the doctor. At the exam I found that my prostate check stimulating and so I decided to find out more. And having purchased an Aneros I was disappointed that there was no super o or really any sustainable excitement. However I did get fleeting sensation that promised more to come and I continue to work on my technique. But my reason for writing is that after masturbating with the Aneros in I found my semen quality massively improved both in colour and in density. It is now white and thick instead of yellow and runny, an important factor when you have a younger, broody wife. My experience on first use was of little being produced and a generally dull sensation. But the second time (when videoing my technique to study for improvement) I came fiercely and shot a sustained stream of semen about thirty inches across the floor. My wife and I were stunned - I have never ejaculated so much or so strongly and after that the volume has decreased but the density is now the thickest I can recall for many many years. I have also noticed that my penis head is pinker than prevously and new sensations, more subtle than before are being felt. My wife also says that my penis is much warmer than pre-Aneros. so although i have not yet hit the super O I am far from unhappy with the Aneros in my life. The only negaive is that even when I am erect, inserting the aneros immediately makes me flaccid and my penis becomes incredibly small. I am hoping that this too may change but the sensations felt more than make up for the losss of size. And afterwards, Aneros removed, my penis hangs "looser" and feels more relaxed if that is the right word. So many thanks Aneros for a superb product.