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hand assistance with aneros?
  • i have had my aneros for about 4 months now and have not been too successful with it just yet. lastnight i decided to try a different method. when i have the aneros in i just use my hand to push the aneros against my prostate manually without doing any contractions, and it feels really good! does anyone else use any assistance with their hand? or do you generally leave all the work up to your contractions?
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
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    (this post was edited 2006-04-23 16:34:15)


    What you're describing is an off label use of the Aneros which is not recommended by the manufacturer and generally discouraged by most users here in the forum (myself being among them). The massager has been designed to transfer very subtle amounts of force, (the force produced by one's anal sphincter contractions) with great efficiency. The truth is that ones hand is capable of delivering far more pressure than one's sphincter. Therefore the potential for causing damage is always present when using the Aneros in this way. Over the years there have been a handful of users that have reported actually drawing blood! Complicating matters further is the fact that the prostate has been known to respond to intense stimulation inversely. i.e. the negative feedback loop where higher and higher intensity of stimulation is required to maintain the same amount of sensation (you may not even know that you're hurting yourself until it's too late).

    All and all this makes for a dangerous combination of factors. Lastly, remember that the Aneros is NOT at all like a dildo which is normally straight and cylindrical. Such toys contact the prostate only tangentially when thrusted by hand.

    Again, I would advise you against this,... you will not produce a Super O by these means. If you should choose to continue however, I would urge you to proceed with extreme caution!

    BF Mayfield

    P.S. If you desire to change things up a bit, I might suggest that you explore some new positions or perhaps look at lubricating differently, or consider adding visualization to the mix. (Not knowing what model you have and what ground you've covered's tough to pinpoint anything.....
  • thank you so much for the input! i will def. put an end to this! i have just been getting impatient and started new methods without really thinking of what can hurt me and what cannot. i have the MGX, and i have been happy with it (without experiencing anything close to the super O), but i am constantly looking for more! i have been trying various positions and some do feel better than others. so i am slowly but surely learning. i am 23 years old and patience is not one of my virtues! thanks again for your response.