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God, what a waste of money!!
  • tomcat21tomcat21
    Posts: 2
    So have been useing the helixfor the past two days and, other than some nice sensations on my prostate, nothing. I can get better sensations using a dildo on my prostate, more stimulation. I suspect that most of the people on this forum who rave about this piece of plastic have little or no previous experience with prostate/anal stimulation. What's the diffrence between a $75 Aneros and a $12 dildo??
  • BilldoBilldo
    Posts: 25

    Originally Posted By: tomcat21
    So have been useing the helixfor the past two days and, other than some nice sensations on my prostate, nothing. I can get better sensations using a dildo on my prostate, more stimulation. I suspect that most of the people on this forum who rave about this piece of plastic have little or no previous experience with prostate/anal stimulation. What's the diffrence between a $75 Aneros and a $12 dildo??

    Waste of money AND time. Gee, you've had it for two whole days and you didn't cover your entire bedrrom with semen?

    Send it back!


    Notice that it doesn't have to get dark tonight. Someone (Edison) spent more than two days to get a simple light bulb to work. History is full of examples of people who tried hundreds or thousands of times to achieve something great. Admittedly, this isn't on the same scale...but what are you willing to invest to discover something new?

    Two days? Sure, send it back, jump in your car and rush to Mcdonalds and spend $5 to get ome food RIGHT NOW. You could spend that some amount on something at the store, prepare it yourself and it could be a delicious, nourishing meal. What a waste of time! You can stuff your face with food from any fast food restaurant RIGHT NOW!

    Did I mention the RIGHT NOW part of all of this? What I'm trying to say is that you might consider that when you step back from a world that insists immediate gratification is where it's at, a whole new set of possibilities open up. And when you can read on this forum how people have spent months to eventually find that they achieved what they previously didn't know was possible...well I just don't understand how you can read all of that and then complain after two days.

    Did you ever learn to ride a bike? Speak another language? Fly an airplane? Ballroom dancing?

    On that last point, you can be dancing on Dance Dance Revolution within moments of seeing the game. Ballroom dancing takes a bit more effort...and the analogy is pretty full. If it's lost on you, that's too bad.

    The difference between a $75 Aneros (For the Helix? You didn't spend much time shopping either, did you?) and a $12 dildo can be discovered by reading through some of the posts on this forum. Oh wait, that would take time. Instead, you just asked your question without any investment of your own time to see if the answer already existed...even a poor observer should by now be seeing a pattern here.

    Sorry to be harsh. Take it in the spirit intended, and you just might find out there's more out there for you. If you just get pissed, then you'll get what you get.

  • Edit
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    Truly a waste of money! I learned how to ride a bike in 2 days, I got my private pilot license in 4 months, but I haven't had anything close to the big-O in more than a year!
  • PuckPuck
    Posts: 9
    I've never thought of myself as being able to get seriously worked up about sex toys... but only a month into beginning to explore it, I can safely say that it's one of the best purchases I've ever made! One of the reasons I was prepared to be disappointed, however, was because of my previous experience with a dildo.... which was rubbish.
  • My only regret about buying mine is I can't find time to use it more often. I love it and have had many great times with it - can't wait for more! And No, I DON'T work for Aneros.

  • saibotsaibot
    Posts: 5
    It has not worked for me either and believe me, Ive tried EVERYTHING. Hours of practice and use and everything in between.. NOTHIN. I think its differences in anatomy personally.....but no one really knows. It just does not give. Im not mad;.....but hey...was worth a shot. The info on how to achieve success is very contradictory try......maintain a squeeze and FOCUS on the building of energy. Use lots of lube.......dont use lots of lube its not the main issue. The pereinuium spot is the most important......the movement of the aneros matters more....its all one thing or the other,lol
  • Edit
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    It's the greatest invention since sliced bread !!!!!!!!!!
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    I'm sorry to hear that you've had such a difficult time of it. There's no question that as one looks through the forum that you're bound to see many different opinions on what it takes to get you to the Super O. But this is after all a forum, where such opinions are encouraged. The fact that there is no consensus says one thing; that we are all unique, and as such, the path will be different for us all. For some the differences are subtle, for others it's quite large. In some ways it seems that we all have different pieces of the puzzle. What makes this so tough of course is that going into this ....we don't even know what the puzzle is supposed to look like!. Those who've been lucky enough to stumble into (without knowing how) are at a distinct advantage (although it doesn't feel like that when ya can't make it happen again) because they are at least aware of what the Super O feels like . That some extent they've seen the completed puzzle. This can be helpful. For the rest of we have to rely upon the anecdotal accounts of others. Yep, it's a drag, yes it can be frustrating, but if you want this, all I can say is YOU CAN"T LET THAT GET TO YOU.

    Can anatomical variations play a role...definitely. That's one reason that the manufacturers created a line of products to choose from. That said, even with the 6 models currently available, some people may still have problems finding the right fit. There are work-arounds of course depending on which model(s) you own. Which model(s) do you own?

    Perhaps it's time to shake it up a bit and take a completely different tack. It is possible that you may have to approach the Super O from a different direction, one that does not involve the Aneros, least initially. What I'm entertaining is doing some exploration in other areas. For instance, have you checked into Jack Johnson's KEY SOUND MULTIPLE ORGASM methods. There are many here in the forum (including yours truly) that have benefitted from his techniques. You may also wish to investigate the writings of Mantak Chia....the Multiorgasmic Male. Amygdala Clicking is another technique that users have reported on. It may be time to expand your knowledge and your awareness a bit. Regard this as if you were back at school for a moment, ...where you needed to take courses to establish your breadth requirements. The difference is, in this case, that there is a potential for these other courses to produce the Super O as well! And even if they don't, they may end up giving you the clues to the puzzle that you now seek as you revisit the Aneros.

    So don't give up, on the Super O or the Aneros.....just change course!

    BF Mayfield

    P.S. Regarding your question posted elsewhere on lubrication with Vaseline. The trick with this one is that it's a two step process. First coat the Aneros with a thin application of Vaseline, then over-coat with a water based lubricant such as KY. This sets up an oil water interface that makes for one slippery Aneros. (Of course opinions vary on this one, I use it myself sometimes,'s my method of choice with the Maximus).
  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    just want to say I am new to this site and idea. I have no time frame in mind ...however you wiLL need practice to make perfect...All good things come to those who patient up on it, and find a lover who is wiing to help....and you just might find the biggest OOOOO...EVER....
  • Edit
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    If you don't like your aneros, you can send it to me so I can try it.
  • indyindy
    Posts: 8
    I think every person is unique and every person has to find thier own way. I have been a short time user. Made only five attempts. Intial four nothing really happened. As I tried different things on the fifth I made some progress. I expect to get to the pleasures others are experiencing it will take many more attempts and more time. If you don't like your helix, I would be more than happy if you send it to me.
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    Patience! Only when all expectation is removed, will it work.