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  • xxxlukexxxluke
    Posts: 1
    hey everyone,

    Do you do what the instructions say and get involuntaries, tensing of the muscles and nice g-spot feeling - BUT NO super-O?

    A super-0 isn't just shaking of your body with less than ejaculation prostate pleasure.

    If you're getting involontaries AND feeling/enjoying the movement of the aneros stroking your prostate THEN START PANTING. The faster you quickly breath the more ADDITIONAL aneros prostate massage you will receive on top of your involontaries' powered massage.

    Almost automatically your body will hasten your panting pace in conjunction with your growing prostate pleasure until you get a super-O or you ejaculate.

    Panting causes rapid lung related diaphragm shifting, which in turn lifts and presses down on the abdominal cavity and hence the aneros. Its the same as during deep breathing / "meditation" upon aneros insertion. The same slow action that is probably pleasurable in everyone occurs at a very high rate when panting.

    Like I said it can be too enjoyable to stop and you end up ejaculating. Its likely though you'll super-0 before that happens. If you pant a little less fast and contract a little less hard when you feel on coming ejaculation you'll probably not end up with cum all over like me.



  • caltoncalton
    Posts: 111
    luke -

    You describe a technique that will have the effect that you observe but you (and everyone!) should be aware that you could begin to hyperventilate! A more controlled technique that employs more of a sobbing approach (without the tears and the sounds!) generates a highly focussed effect on the Aneros. For more of how these KSMO techniques can assist in delivering Super Os, see the relevant threads that BF Mayfield has posted. Once I am on my way it is just this approach that pushes me over the edge - as you describe.