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A little advice would be great.
  • I am a 21 year old gay male, with a farily experienced sexual knowlege. I use buttplugs and 6inch by 2inch around dildos on a regular basis. I bought the aneros mgx about three week or so ago at babeland in seattle. I had no trouble inserting the aneros in to my anus, and quickly found the place were the pressure point should go.

    I have yet to experience an orgasm while using the device. I have a very strong anal mussel and can pump the aneros really well. I find that small pumps of my anal mussle make the sensation increase the most.

    If i continually barly flexing the anal mussle the sensaiton will build up in my prostate/balls and penis. I will get hard or semi hard. The sensation gets pretty intense like I am close to comming to orgasm. Eventualy I skip a beat or something happens and I start to loose the sensation. I am not sure if i stop pumping reguarly or what but i seem to be reaching this peak that I cant get over.

    Am I to experienced in anal play and need one of the bigger models? Any tips, discussion or questions you might have. I love the thing so far and i know that if I work at it it will come but any tips would be great.
  • I think you are doing just fine. Keep playing with the device you have and "learn" your body's response to it. With just a little more use I think you will be over the top in no time. And just think: The Practice Is Fun Too!!

  • I have been using this on a weekly basis sense. I have come very close to cumming but it sort of gets right to the edge and stops and I loose my erectio. I just cant quite get over that ridge.

    I just orderd the Aneros Maximus hopefuly that will help me out. I think something larger would be better for me.

    Any more advice would be great. I find being on my back or with my legs out and contracting is the best position. On my knees bent over feels good but does not get me close to orgasm.

    Could it be that i just cant have an orgasm with this thing? Not quite sure what else to do.
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    I have the same problem. I'm 20, gay, except I'm a top. I'm still very experienced in anal as I do bottom for boyfriends. One of them suggested this toy for me in hopes I could get some enjoyment out of anal.

    My problem is just slightly different. Whenever I use this thing I feel it, and after like 30 minutes I can start to get close to orgasm, but I always lose it. During this though, I never get hard. Actually, if I was hard when I started using it, I become softer than melted butter. It feels great, and I find the best thing is to keep their position and try to press your knee against something to give more pressure inward toward you.

    Anyway, I know this is all rambling and stuff, but am I supposed to lose hardons and like Bear, is it normal to lose all sensations if you miss a few beats?

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    I got the maximus in. It feels better then the regular one. I still have not gotten over that last ledge. Hopefuly with time i will.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
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    Bob and Ghost,

    Focus is unquestionably a key to one's success with the Aneros. The truth is that it is all too easy to become distracted. Distractions can take different forms. A preoccupation with one's technique for one, can be a detriment to one's progress. As I've written previously, thoughts about technique should occupy a background space in one's thoughts. Focusing on the sensations themselves and AROUSAL is where your attention should be. Strange as it seems, sometimes talking to yourself (non-verbally) can sometimes center this for you. Things like...." ooohh that feels nice...I'm going to contract a little lighter and longer and see what happens...." Again, the technique is there...but it is sensation that drives the process. Like gasoline to a fire, ...arousal is the accelerant. Another approach is to backbround all other thoughts completely and to focus on arousal instead....(visual material....or perhaps the help of a friend, in person or over the phone..) building sexual tension up to a flashpoint, that the Aneros catalyzes into an EXPLOSION.

    Another type of distraction comes in the form of doubts about one's feelings about this activity, issues about deriving pleasure from anal stimulation (homophobia). It would seem logical that anyone who had purchased an Aneros would have cleared this one prior to getting started, but from the email that I received and reading between the lines of some of the posts in this forum...I've gotten a different picture. Suffice it to say that it is absolutely critical that one is completely open to having a Super O before one is able to experience it. Seems all too obvious I know, yet there are many individuals that get VERY close, only to sabotage themselves near the finish line. For instance, at one time I had suggested that men adopt less of a stereotypical MALE attitude and think a little more in terms of the female experience (accepting the notion of an orgasm that was more internally focused as opposed to the externally focused orgasm to which we are so accustomed). Some have bristled with that, and resorted to thinking in traditional terms about THIS..(the Super O) a NON-traditional experience. This may seem inapplicable to your situations (as you are both gay), yet I am aware of many gay men that are restricted in their thinking as well! The truth is, gay or straight all men have a preoccupation with their penises. To everyone I'd say.....stop thinking about your penises all the time and start thinking about your bodies! If you have to physically center this in some way, rather think in terms of an area halfway between your navel and your pubic bone, deep within your abdomen (second chakra). Alternatively, think about an area deep within your rectum that radiates sensation straight up to your abdomen and beyond.

    Some other distractions involve; preoccupation with worries of the day, fear of discovery (someone walking in on you), and impatience. All of these issues must be set aside, accounted for and cleared, respectively.

    Specifically to the both of you I would say exercise more patience and use AROUSAL to be the fuel to your fire. Have you ever been REALLY excited and experienced a tickling (butterfly like) sensation in the area that I described above (second chakra). If so, this is the direction that you need to move toward. Once there, the Aneros will likely take on a life of its' own and guide you all of the way home.

    One last point, it is important to note that when one has their first Super O, it doesn't occur like a a bolt out of the blue (from nowhere). It is a result of a pleasure wave, that magnifies and intensifies over some point the user starts to realize that IT is going somewhere and THIS notion is, in an of itself AROUSING...building the crest of the wave even higher. In this way this orgasm, the Super O, is a manifestation of body AND MIND. (As compared to an ejaculation, which is to some extent an inexorable physical process).

    BF Mayfield